Andalas Sinematografi - Crew Inauguration Nights


That is was our villa

"DI ATAS" Lake, near our villa

Just wanna share my beautiful experience some days ago. That was a beautiful trip with Andalas Sinematografi. Andalas Sinematografi itself is the coolest organization at my university, Andalas University - (usually called UNAND). It is an organization that works at everythings relate to film production and photography. Please visit our blog at:

At March 20,21,anda 22 we had an inauguration nights that we called "makrab-malam keakraban".

March 20,

----------------------------------> Shandy and Me

----------------------------------> iim and I
so here we are, had a homestay at "Alahan Panjang Villa". Nice arrangement, I think, this villa cite. We rent a villa that locate beside a lake. But it was so cold there, the wind blown hardly,very hard, I need 3 bold jacket to protect my body.huhu.
Btw all along the way to this villa provide a beautiful view to people. Tea garden, also vegetables garden, and the fresh fruits and vegetables sold along the way to Alahan Panjang, Solok, West Sumatra. hm...I just knew that Sumatra has a very large and beautiful tea garden such that. On the way to villa I sat at the bus with my boss, Bang Ridwan from Photography division first, then changed with Diko,one of the Crew wanna be. Diko and I just sat,enjoyed the scenery outside the bus and listened to our music from my cellphone. When we arrived at the villa, we got some hard instruction from Bang Rauf and Bang Evan. they both angry with us in order to know our mentality. Then we had Ashar pray. I took wudhu (moslems gotta do before take a pray by washing some part of our body in order to clean ourself before facing Allah in our praying) at the lake. Using the cold water from the lake. So fresh you know! After that the crews taking some pictures wherever they want. And then we had Maghrib and Isya pray also dinner. After dinner we collected at the mushalla for event opening. But, Anen,Iim,Shandy,Nina,and I called to our villa by the senior because we have health disturbance. At villa, we have a little interview about our commitment at AS, then we got permitted to enter the bedroom. But we couldn't sleep. We had to wait our friends till about 10 person collected at one room. Hard to sleep, because Opet slept by her head on my feet. That night one of my friend, Wide, got possessed. So scary, he acted like a religious person. Hiiiy....

March 21,
---------------------------------------->outbond time!!!!!!!!!!!

--------------------------------------->at the Tea Garden

It was show time! We have 11 outbond games. The girls divided into 3 groups. My groups was Shandy,Didi,Puput,Ira,Cacha,Nina,and me. Our group's name was "DABO RIBO" or "DAmai BOleh RIbut BOleh". We was THE LOOSER,haha. Because we just can passed 5 from 11 games. But I couldn't joint all of the game. I got tired and a lil' bit sick in the middle of the game. Coz of that I got special lunch at villa, meanwhile my friends got their lunch under the sun. Hehe. And I also lucky, coz I got senior such Bang Ridwan, he took care of me since I got sick there.He bought me a cup of hot tea even I said "No...". Thank you very much brother, lucky to have a nice brother like you.
In the afternoon we moved to SMA 1 Gunung Talang, Solok. Before that we visited the tea garden. And I, even I got sick and weak, I still climb the hills to take some pictures.hehe. There was such a Nirvana above the hills.
At night, the crews wanna be turn to be the real crew of Andalas Sinematografi. my id card put by bang Reza,my boss from Photography Division.

March 22,
The last day, we just had a breakfast together, and had a fun game called "gerobak sate bang mamat". We divided into some groups. then each group send two member to the battle field of the game. One being a blind person, another being a vocalist that show the blind person a way to out of the battle field. When vocalist says "gerobak", the blind have to go ahead, "sate" means go back, "abang" means go to the left, and "mamat" means go to the right. Its hard to give instruction to the blind, coz there was so many people screams at the blind, to make their lost the game. After that game we had Photo session, then back to home.
----------------------------------->together with Andalas Sinematographer

---------------------------------------->Playing Gerobak Sate Bang Mamat

So tired...
And need to go to the bed soon that time...

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