Fat Factors


Oh my blog…

Sorry for do not see you in along days. Again, I’m VERY BUSY. Especially, I have a mid-term examination at my university from April 6 till April 16, 2009. Those examinations forced me for not thinking about you. Actually there were so many things that happen during my examination days. And I’m so sorry for post it recently.

Well, during my examination, I ATE VERY MUCH. Hahaha. You know, I have to stay up till midnight to read the material for my examination, or if I’m too tired to stay lately, then I will wake in the middle of the night, and found my self in hungry situation. Of course, I need something to fill my needs. And here they are, my fat factors:

They are too cute to push away, rite?


Wish me luck to pass my examination buddy….

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Hi, thanks for visiting. Happy Reading ...

Hi, thanks for visiting. Happy Reading ...