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Yola's my lovely classmate at campuss back to college again from her appendix operation.
nice to see her again
after examination today, we are decided to had a lunch at my campuss cafe.
By the way, we need such an hour to reach the cafe. because yola couldn't walk fastly. she walk very slowly. i felt like I walked with my grandmother. hahaha. Peace Yola.........
Get well soon okay, so we can going shopping again fella.....

Yola and I, partner in crime,Haha.

What I ordered today at the cafe: Mie Tumis 
Bread: Sozis Bread( I brought from home, my mother sent it for me from my hometown)
place: Barak F Andalas University,West Sumatera
Price: Rp 5,000

people at the cafe put their attention on my plate. haha. of course, my plate such a special menu with a big yummy bread on it. but, they will never can order menu like mine.hahaha.
coz yeah, it is special. for The LADYULIA....

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