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In order to take some rare pictures, Photography Division of Andalas Sinematoraphy, going to somewhere in Padang, to take photos of a big event at West Sumatera, Tour D’ Singkarak. We went to get some pictures of the last etape of that bikers match. The bikers’ route of that day is rounded Singkarak Lake. Actually we have arrived at Bupati Officce of Solok District; we have prepared everything for camera taking. But suddenly, at a very critical time, friends of Bang Ridwan and Bang Reza asked us to move to Solok Tea Garden. Why I said it was a critical time, because all the way access that will be a route for the bikers are closed already. And yeah, WOW. We run across the way, and entered our car quickly after got permission of the police head there to move to The Tea Garden. All along the way, there was only our car on the way. We felt like an artist or celebrity, or something like that because everybody beside the road looking at us. I sure that they felt strange, how could we still can move, meanwhile they stopped by the police, and the police at beside the way just looked at us and let us move on the road. We felt very special that day. Felt like an important people, even we dreamed we was a president, or governor who move on our car, and our public shake their hand to us, and the police kept us from the side of the road.
Yeah, the friends of bang Reza and bang Ridwan was right. The view at the tea garden twice folds more beautiful than at Bupati Office of Solok view. Would it be nice, got a picture of a tired biker with green of the tea garden as the background? What a nice contrast picture!( I’ll post the picture later).
After that we decided to have a lunch on the way to Singkarak Lake. But, on the way to that lake, the bikers back again to the route before. The road in front of us closed. The girls in the car decided to take a Zuhur pray at the nearest mosque. Only the boys and Tasya, the only girl, whose didn’t come with the other girls. Because I also got “her” a.k.a. menstruation, so I just go to the mosque to got a pee. After that I went back to the car. I just found Tasya sat on driver chair. He said to me that the others went to take pictures of the bikers again. She lived at the car to take care the car yet her camera borrowed by Andika. Because I’ve got nothing to do, I said to Tasya that I wanted to joint with the boys to take the pictures of the bikers. She just said “Good Luck”.
After all of the bikers passed the road, me and all of boys back to the car. But,,,
Our car crashed the car at the front. Because Tasya moved the car forward and hit the car in front of our car.
Then Tasya, Bang Reza, and Aldo joint to the Man who own the car that hit to his subscriber car repair shop that very far from the incident place. Tasya need to pay Rp 750,000 for that car. Meanwhile, us, people who stayed at the place of incident felt dizzy because our car broke too. Bang Ridwan said that we loss about 3 million rupiahs for that car. The question is where we should find that amount of money??? Also, how to go back to Padang meanwhile the carburetor tank of our car is broke. Then Kak Rika tries to find a mechanic to give the first aid to our car, just to make us could go back to Padang. And Alhamdulillah, she found it. But we must run the car slowly.
We stuck on that situation until night came. The worst is the rain down hardly.
Ya Allah,,, what was our fault?
After that we waited for Bang Reza, Aldo, and Tasya from their way to the incident place from the repair shop. After they came, we moved to Bang Andri’s house. His parents invited us to have a dinner. Bang Andri is one of commissioner of Andalas Sinematografi. Much thanks to Bang Andri and his family who have a very kind of heart to help people like us. Heheh.
After discussed with related parties, included Tasya’s and Bang Ridwan’s Mom (because the car owner is friend of his Mom). His Mom said that we should sent the car to the repair shop tomorrow, and the car of Bang Ridwan will be a guarantee for that car until Tasya have enough money to pay the repairing cost of the car. We, as member of Photography Division only can help as much as we can.
Then, we back to Padang again. And I arrived at home in the middle of the night, almost in the morning.
I felt so tired, my foot, my heart, my body, my brain,,,
What I need just my bed to lay my body inside…
These are aour photos before the accident
See??Everybody smiling!!!

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  1. thanks God, about 5 days after that accident, we can fixed all of our problem
    thank's for all

  2. nice place sista,
    by the way I'm sorry to hear the accident that you had got.

  3. wow, I never had an accident, so I don't know what to say. I'm sorry I guess...

    I love short hair! It's always good and looks always fine, even wen you just sleep 3hours and need to make an important apresentation :)
    I couldn't live without my short hair! Hope you made a cute haircut and then let us all see ! *

  4. oi
    kapan ni anak jambi jalan2 jugo kek yulia
    mudah2an perjalanan kito lebih nice yo

  5. @maca
    okay, I'll share

    @imkj: cepatla,dak sabar yulia

  6. by the way hey
    where the boys that u said???

  7. Wow, the scenery is amazing. I hope your trip was fun!
    I usually take my own pictures.

  8. I really like these photos! Thanks for visiting my blog, I am glad I have found yours now! Your blog is very interesting!

  9. assalamualaikum...
    glad to c u ok... alhamdulillah


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