Tired But Fun


Photography division decided to go to hunt photos at “Pasar Pagi Purus”, one of a traditional market at Padang. Unfortunately, not all of the member could joint the photo hunting today. Only, Me, Iim, Puput, Dika, and Bang Ridwan (as our instructor). After taking some picture at “Pasar Pagi”, we went to “Siti Nurbaya Bridge”. The most beautiful Bridge at my city, Padang. Again we took some picture there. Then, having a rest at “Ganti Nan Lamo Café” to try “Durian Ice”. Then, we have to separate each other. Because, bang Ridwan had a another job. Meanwhile Dika back to home. But before Bang Ridwan lived us, he drop me, Iim, and Puput at Andalas Plaza. There I played DDR ( Dance-Dance Revolution) for 20 coins times 3 song. Ough,,,that made my feet getting tired and sick after played. But, FUN!!! Tired playing the games, we went to CFC, to fill our emission. I ordered ordinary menu, just consist of fried chicken, and rice, also a glass of Pepsi. At the afternoon, we decided to take some picture at “Tapi Lauik a.k.a. “Taplau” (beach down the city at Padang” because the day is bright. We just didn’t wanna loose the moment to capture nice picture. On the way to “Taplau”, we saw a beautiful lotus flower at an office. Then we asked permission to the security, to take macro photo of those lotus. Oh,,,what a tired day today. But I love it!!!
I’ll post the picture that I got today on my next next next posting, be patient!

Food: Durian Ice
Price: Rp 10,000
Location: Ganti Nan Lamo, Pondok, Padang, West Sumatera
Filling: Durian Essential, Cincau, Nangka, etc

Me (Left) and Iim (Right)

At Tapi Lauik
Taplau View
Candid Camera
Candid by Iim
The security at that office, where we asked permission to took macro photo
DDR addict
Me (Left) and Puput (Right)
At Andalas Plaza escalator
Whose hand is that??? Hahhah

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5 comment

  1. what kinda ice is that???
    never hear before???

  2. wah
    enak banget divisi photografi

  3. Scandal Divisi fotografi..


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