Got Blog Award and got a Package too, H.A.P.P.Y


I’ve got a blog award from Francie. Oh Girl, thank you very much!
You are very kind to give me the award.

The Rules are:
1. Each blogger must post these rules
2. Each Blogger starts with 10 random facts/habits about themselves
3. If tagged, you must re-post and post the rules
4. Don't forget to leave a comment and tell them why they've been tagged.

10 random facts

1. I spend about Rp 500,000 or $ 50 per month for my mobile cost. and my mommy does not know about that
2.i love a hug much better than a kiss
3.I love to work at deadline times
4. I do believe in miracles
5. I hate a lot of boring assignment and project from my lecturers
6.I love everyone that loves me, and I really love Allah SWT
7. I can eat almost any kind of food
8. I wanna be an artist
9. I wanna decrease my weight. Please,,,tell me the fastest way
10.I am beautiful no matter what they say

I forgot to tell you that I’ve got package from my cousin. He is just got back from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Oh, what a day!!!
Got award and got package.
I love the boxer very much
Coz it has the Rolling Stones print on the boxer and just like the boxer that wore with Vino Bastian (my favourite actor) in Realita Cinta dan Rock n Roll Movie.
Thank you very much brother
Love you,,,

I also took this random shoot at two traditional market.
Tittle: A little Hope
Camera: Sony DSC S750
Location: Angso Duo Traditional Market, Jambi City, Indonesia
Tittle: Old Pedicab Man
Camera: Sony DSC S750
Location: Bungus Traditional market, Padang City, Indonesia
Have a nice day people. C.H.E.E.R.S

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13 comment

  1. Congrats on the award! I like to work at deadline times, too.

  2. haha...
    that's mean my mommy can't put the blame on me'
    there still another person that have the same habbit with me

  3. U have a very great shots and facts, I think u're better off being an artist! Wanna lose weight? Don't be! If u think u're already beautiful..

    : D

  4. hi,nice blog u have here...
    lots of food+fashion+photography~


  5. @Nathary: owh,,,thank you sista
    to remembering me about that
    love you

  6. i used too spent about the same cost for my phone in a month. that when i was dating someone who's living in another country. but now? 100 per month is more than enough :D

  7. @onic
    i used to spent that cost because I have a boyfriend that live in Bandung
    I used Kartu As
    expensive to make a call actually
    but I don't wanna change my card
    at least till now

  8. those market photos are great. I love them. x

  9. I love guys in cute boxers ;)

  10. wah, saudara sekampung.. hidup Jambi :)

  11. the text was about an exibition i went to, i found it in english!

    During his visits to the Asmat region (Papua, New Guinea), Villevoye noticed that the Asmat adapt their clothing in an extraordinary way to their taste and requirements. T-shirts for example that look at first glance like rags, have been handled that way on purpose. Sleeves are ripped off, the shirt is pierced with a knife, and holes are made in it, strips tied to each other. The shirts thus become part of the individual personality of the wearer. Villevoye looked for these specially personalised T-shirts and photographed the people wearing them.
    They are on display in the Oceania hall. Based on the work of Villevoye, cultural anthropologist Gosewijn van Beek wrote an essay about the meaning of the Asmat’s clothing. The book, Red Calico, is available in the museum gift shop

    The pictures at the market are great! I love taking pictures of older people, they pose really natural :D

  12. @ T:
    me too
    love the oler people
    also coz of the relief of their skin


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