The Ring of Fire Land...My Deepest Condolence for you,,,



First I would like to say:
To all Moslem in the world
Allah bless us,,,

Innalillahi wa inna lillahi raaji’un
West Sumatera, Indonesia be sorrowful
As we know that, Idul Fitri Day just pass away. The happiness of people, especially Moslem, still felt everywhere. But, all those happiness suddenly disappear into the air when the Earthquake shakes West Sumatera, Indonesia. Around 5pm West Sumatera and around was shaking. There was so many human victim caused by this 7,6 Richter Scale Earthquake. Most of them died coz of buried by the ruins of the buildings. Yes, there was so many buildings become a ruins, most of important infrastructure broken. And the first night after the earthquake, Padang City look like a DEAD CITY. The electricity turned off, building ruins, traffic, human corpses, smoke of fired buildings, no telecommunication signal, lack of clean water, etc.IT WAS SO SAD.

Based on the information I’ve got from And the worst happened at Pariaman-West Sumatera, the nearest area of the earthquake center. Almost 100 % of that area flat with the land. Beside the earthquake strike, there was also happened landslide which swallow one village and it’s contents at Pariaman. TRAGIC.

Me, myself still on the way back to home from campuss. The driver of the public transportation I ride in just stopped when he saw people ran away onto the middle of the road and shouted “EARTHQUAKE…EARTHQUAKE…”. Caused Most of the inhabitant of Padang City is moslem, then Tasbih sentences(Allahuakbar, Laailaahaillallah,Astaghfirullah) echos to the air. Thanks God, He still gaves me a calmness in faced the earthquake. Yes, actually, I just wanna stay at the car even all of another passenger had leave the car. Because the earthquakes before never shaking in a long time. but, because of this earthquake shaking in a long time (more than 1 minute) and shaking hardly, I decided to leave the car as well. I thought if I stay outside the car, I can watch out my surroundings better than inside the car. Who knows, the tree or electric pole fall or something like that happened and crush the car I ride in. it was hard to keep standing on my balance, the earthquake was soo hard. And after it was stopped, someone called my name from cross of the road. Oh, how happy I am, she was my old friend, Amel. She is so kind that she dropped me safely to my home. And more, when I arrived at home, my family also our house is safe. I can’t stop saying Alhamdulillah for that. But yeah, west Sumatera just changed. Minangkabau (the other name of West Sumatera) cried,,,

Hopefully, it can repaired soon and back to normal again. My condolence to you Padang, the beloved city,,,

Also thanks to all of parties that help Padang and around. We are really appreciate your big attention to the recovery of Padang and Pariaman…

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4 comment

  1. Wonderful post, it's important to see what goes on around the world. Best wishes for a quick recovery!!!

  2. Yes Gabbi
    I hope that big for the quick recovery

  3. yeah indonesia berduka lagi :[

  4. @onic:brusan malah ktanya di ujung kulon y?


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