Haute Mess Award


Just got a Haute Mess Award from a lovely blogger SAMICHAMI from WRITTEN MESSAGES (click here). Her blog is very cheerful with lots of fashion photos, photography, and another artsy things. Thank's Deaaaaaaaaaar ^_^

well, as I got the award I have to list 7 facts about me,,,
  1. I have a secret business, that I will try to launch as soon as posibble. Juat wait it, people^^
  2. I was a tomboy girl until I graduated from my Senior High School. Never wore feminine stuff such as skirt, dress, or something like that.
  3. Almost everyday I feels like I wanna cry everytime I'm trying to use my veil. I don't know why, the longer I use the veil, the uglier the way I use my veil. Feels like it was never fit in on my head or face. Hope somebody can help me....T__T
  4. If I have snacks stock at my room, I just can't resist to eat all of them until it out of stock, all of them. Even how much the stock is... :D
  5. I like to delay to do everything till it comes to it's deadline time.
  6. I love banana split muuuuuuch
  7. I'm weak in accounting lesson. urrrggghhh

Well, I'm gonna pass this award to my favorite blogger: Diana Rikasari, Evita Nuh, Yiqin, Lisa, sabila Anata

I got sick, fever. Ough,,, :(
meanwhile, I'll face final college examination next week
hope I'll get better soon
please pray for me, people,,,
And keep healthy,,,watch your food...do not be like me ;)
see you,,,

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9 comment

  1. congrads on award hun x

    For all things fashion:

  2. Congrats for d award
    Get well soon
    And good luck for the exam

  3. Pengen award jugag...
    Banyakin posting fashion dong...
    D tunggu y

  4. Yulia
    Bentar lagi bakal ada try out
    Ikutan jadi panitia yaa

  5. @saya suka belanja: hehe...g tw ni, lagi g mood phto2...tp bakal diusahain buat kamuuu...
    D tnggu yaa

  6. @IMKJ: okay...ntar gw k sekre... Jarkomin aja kapan ngumpul


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