The Land of The Wanderers Trilogy - Final Destination


Ah,,,here our great wanderers, standing on the super beautiful romantic misty land, Indonesia. Actually  they should go back to home that night, but just like in another great wanderers story, the rain pouring down that night and caused the waterfall they should pass in the way back home, floated and cover the street. And also the slided dangerous threaten our wanderers way back to home. Yes I'm not kidding you, our wanderers are in danger. A police asked them to go back to Padang Panjang, the nearest place, and go back to Padang City tomorrow morning after the rain stop pouring and the sun colouring the sky with bright light. So the wanderers could saved and could create another magical photos for their lovers. So that night they decided to stay at Bedudal cafe, Bukittinggi for banana pancakes and fruit pancakes. That was the most cozy place ever before they decided to sleep at Ridwan's family house.

Puncak Lawang, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Telaga, Padang Luar, 
West Sumatera, Indonesia

These are them, our lovely wanderers

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Yulia Rahmawati 
(the end of The Land of The Wanderers Trilogy). Thank you for keep reading this story...

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6 comment

  1. waw..nice yul!
    keren2 bgd foto nya ^^

    btw kmn aja nih, lama ga update yah :D

  2. Wow. With all the problems the wanderers obviously had to overcome, this was a genuine Indonesian Odyssey.

    The pictures you took are really, really awesome. They definitely belong in the top league.


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