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Today, all of Moslem in the world celebrates the birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Talking about Muhammad SAW, always makes my heart tremble, there's something that I can't describe about what I feels inside of my heart every times I hears and says his name, something strong, powerful, beautiful, longing, blessed, and something like that. May us and all of the people who believe in him got his syafaat at the end of the day. Amen.

I celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW, which is in Indonesia called "Maulid Nabi", by doing simple actions through my activities that based on Islam rules to keep the cleanliness and to keep the bond of silaturahim or brotherhood between Moslem. Such cleaning my room after untouched for almost 3 weeks since I went out of the town. As Muhammad follower, I want to be a clean and hygiene person, just like him. hehe. Started by washing dishes, sweep the floor, cleaning my room from dust, until washing clothes. At the day, I went outside to get some coffee at my favourite coffee shop. I try to be as a good person as possible today, in order to follow the holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

I think its much better than if I just attend the celebration of Maulid Nabi from mosque to mosque and after that forget about the point of Maulid Nabi.

Hope we all can change in order to follow follow his sunnah and being a better person day by day. Amen.

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  1. Saking besarnya perayaan ini, bahkan diliburkan sebagai hari libur keagamaan, dan bahkan di Jogja sendiri ada Sekaten (sebulan penuh) untuk memperingatinya.

    terlepas dari prokontra merayakan maulid nabi, saya pengen ngucapin Happy maulid Rasul!..semoga keteladanan Beliau menginspirasi kita

  2. @gaphe: iya yang paling penting gimana kitanya aja. jadi bukan cuma sekedar merayakan, tapi juga berubah ke arah yang lebih baik sesuai teladan Beliau.

  3. yang jelas kita harus mengambil hikmah dari maulid nabi.


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