If you had already read my blog for almost 1 year, I'm sure that gou guys ever see this umbrella as attribute at some of my photos. This for example:

And now I feel so sad, since I loose that cute umbrella at the city bus :(
Actually its my fault absolutely! Here's the chronologist: 
The rain fallen at my town. I take a city bus to go home and used my umbrella to cover myself from the rain. The bus seat is crowded enough, so I got seat at the back. I put my umbrella on my lap. When some passengers discharge from the bus, then I moved to the seat at front of the bus, because I don't like to seat at the back. I know, I heard something fall, but I don't even want to know what it is. I forgot that I put my umbrella on my lap (oh,,,if I just remember that was the sound of my lovely umbrella. sigh...). Then tomorrow comes, when I would like to go outside I searched my umbrella and didn't found it anywhere at my room. And then I just realize what sound that I heard at the bus. I almost cry, its so sad peeps, we have already for one year being together. Wether it is raining or the sun shine brightly, that umbrella always covers and keeps me. And now its gone, you know how sad it is especially if it is actually is your fault. I draw this picture as my tribute to you umbrella. Hope you like it and forgive me.

Tittle: BLAME ME!
Artist: Yulia Rahmawati

Bye umbrella...
May you found by someone who really loves you. Sigh...

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Yulia Rahmawati

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18 comment

  1. Oh my Gucci!!!!
    your bag is just pretty!!!!!
    i love it i love it!!~~ <3
    I want that kind of bag badly..~ love that red bow~ =( haizz~~

  2. Dear Ladyulia,

    Don't worry. I know you didn't mean to do me harm. I don't blame you. it could happen to anyone in a crowded bus. Moreover I found a new kind boss. She like me and I like her almost as much as I loved you.

    Kind regards,

    Your Umbrella.

  3. @colson: aw,, what a sweet comment :D
    but still its so sad that I loosed my umbrella :(

  4. love your artwork kak Yulia. i hope you will find a new one, and of course more beautiful than you had before :)


  5. So sad..
    Yes, it was a cute umbrella..):

    I bought the ankle boots at mangga dua (:

    Dreamy Princess

  6. @riumni: thanks you very much dear. Glad that you like my artwork

  7. anak padang? kuliah di UNAND?

    wedeeew.... nice to meet u here, sist...^_^

    thanks for visiting my blog..^^

  8. Don't worrd Lad, when you lose one, you'll surely gonna gain more :).. wait for it! xxx <3

  9. kamu ni sangat bakat melukis.. saya faham mesti sedih kan.. nevermind.. what to do? it already happen.. btw, i also wondering when is it my time to hear that magical word 'aku terima nikahnya'..i love korean drama a lot

  10. wah, kehilangan barang yang disayangi emang menyedihkan yak..
    mudah2an bisa ketemu payung yang bentuknya sama :D

  11. "nice blog....salam bloger ya,,!
    folow back ya,,,!!

  12. wew,ternyata sebuah payung pun bisa sangat disayangi :D

  13. My umbrellas always break in the rain! Good luck braving the storms. Great look. xo style, she wrote

  14. lucuuu payungnyaa~

    kalo berniat dkv karena senang fotografinya, lebih baik kursus fotografinyaa aja.. soalnya di dkv fotografi tuh cuma dua semester dan menurut saya tidak begitu menyenangkan pelajarannya. ahaha

  15. halo, saya follow blog kamu, interesting :) visit me back yaah :)

  16. hi there, thanx for dropping by to my page ^^
    do you like my new template? :P
    anyway, since you've left comment on my latest post, you can have the award :)


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