"Goodbyes always make my throat hurt... I need more hellos" - Charlie Brown
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Dear Blog...
Long time no see. How are you? Kinda' miss you alot. So many stories I would like to share with you but I'm too busy to write and uploaded photos on you yet the super slow internet connection in my room. Actually I hate to let you just show my latest one months ago blog post. But I can't help myself with the signal of my internet modem. Umh... right now I'm writing on you at my friend's cafe, Kedai Kopi Nuno. Fortunately this cafe has super fast internet connection, then I borrow the PC of this cafe to type something on you. Many things happen to me. People comes and goes. Laughs and cries. Days and nights. So many things. Which ended by something left for me to learn from the life I live. Lately I feel so fragile, my heart, my soul, my body. I need lotsa' hugs, phone calls from families, friends, songs, coffee cups, to be strong. Even until this day, I still feel the same. Everytime I feel strong enough to face the reality, suddenly I feel like I'm the weakest person ever in this world. Everytime I wake up I feel so alone. I don't know until when I can survive with this kinda of life. Hope I can fix all the problems I can't tell you here since this blog is for everyone. And for you my dearest blogger friend who still come up here with your comments, I'm thanking you so much. Please forgive me that I still cannot visit our blog back.
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Hugs and kisses,

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4 comment

  1. Melancholic, a little sad, perhaps even bewildered and feeling lost like a babe in the woods? Do life and love hurt every now and then?

    To everyone who has to live it through it probably is no real comfort, but I know from experience it's part of our life's journey. It will pass.

    Like the old saying tells (though I admit it is a cliche also): what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

  2. selamat datang kembali :)
    tidak masalah kok tidak berkunjung balik juga, masing2 orang punya kesibukan sendiri kok. santai aja

  3. what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

    Ah... I heart that quotes :)

  4. @lidya: hehehe. makasih ya atas pengertiannya :)


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