Hi…, how are you? I’m back again from the business of graduation day. You know, so many things need to fix up before the day. Doing this and that, this and that. And all I can do is just follow the rules from my faculty and university. Yeah, I want a perfect graduation day.

Before the day, I went back to my hometown to celebrate Eid Day with my family. It was lovely day when I am back to my hometown, because so many things, laughs, stories, to share with my families. Too sad, my lovely cousins Hanif and Nana couldn’t come because they celebrate Eid Day at Jakarta with their mother because of a very high ticket price of the plane. Only their father, Uncle Z, who back to Jambi to see his parents, my grandparents.
There’s a very fun habit when we are visiting families during the Eid Day. The eldest or the member of the family that has already has a job will gives you money when visiting them, especially for children. Usually, someone in my age does not get the bob anymore. But Alhamdulillah, I still get it. Teehee :D. And its even more than what I got when I was a lil’ girl.

Yes, Eid Day is time to gather with families, meet old friends, and sharing with neighbors. Eid Day is the days to forgive each other faults and mistakes, to start our relation with others from zero, to promise to our self for not making the same old mistaken. Lovely, lovely, lovely days.

It’s only about two week to spend in my hometown before go back to Padang, where I spend my days to learn in my university, Andalas University. Before go back to hometown I made a Kebaya (national clothes from Indonesia) for my graduation day. I sewed it ay my mom’s favorite tailor. She is such an expert, she only sewed my Kebaya in one day. Awesome!

Three days before my graduation days, Mom, Dad, Meili, and me went to Padang to celebrate my graduation day. Daddy drove our car for 12 hours from Jambi to Padang. It’s a tired journey but I love because I went back to Padang with my families.

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6 comment

  1. hello yulia ^^
    happy ied :) you have a lovely family :)

  2. Happy you obviously had a (well deserved) great time - and glad you're back again!

    Glorious pictures by the way :).

  3. cakepppp, kapan2 posting tutorial cara pakainya ya :) nanti aku contek deh

  4. how are you swetty....???
    always like you with your hijab... :)

  5. eh itu kok ada yg ga mau dipoto hehehe


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