Ah,,,, finally I can update my blog post after thousand years let it hibernate. Well, lets say I'm busy searching for what I want after graduate from my college. I'm trying to find a job based on my specialty, human resource management, but it was such I don't really fit in that kind of job anymore. And then my mom asked me to continue my study to master degree program. And yes, after a lot of thinking and bargaining I finally decided to continue my study and take master degree at UNJ (Universitas Negeri Jakarta/ Jakarta State University). And I surprisingly change my life direction from economic things to early childhood education things. Yes, I take "Early Childhood Education" as my master degree major. And if I'm lucky and work hard, I hope I can take my dual master degree fro early childhood education from Ohio State University. Amin.

pict from here
pict from here

I know it was a very big decision I made, I feel like God show me this way, to know more about children's world, not to know about what happen in economic. FYI, as long as I take my bachelor degree in economic, I just don't really into it. Even I work hard as long as I take it. So after this very big decision, I hope my life from now on will continue perfectly, has a good impact to my surroundings, makes my parents proud, and makes me happy. Amin. Wish me luck people!

Here is my random outfit. Hope you like it :)

Veil: YL
Hair band: unbranded
Blazer: Michelle
Black top: Look
Jeans: Zara
Alexa Bag: Mayonette
Necklace: Naughty

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Change with me!
Yulia Rahmawati

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4 comment

  1. Wow. That definitely is a major choice. Brave and smart. Congratulations!

    And if your future will be as bright as your outfit is beautiful, you definitely will have a great career as a student in Jakarta and and a professional afterwards.

  2. @Colson: yay! amiin. thank you for your sweet comment colson :)

  3. wew! that's a nice choice... i know its kinda hard to decide that, aite? hei you know what? im also on your track,, my bachelor is kinda different with my master. well, maybe we can share lots of things then yulia... nice to know you! ;)


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