Hello, Lovelies! Long time no see. 
Now I'm back, cleaning this blog form dusty after neglected for almost one month, 
and post something new at this blog. Hope you like it!

Currently, I live in a boarding house since I continue my study at Jakarta State University. From now on I will share about foods I cooked for breakfast and lunch.  And I also will share the recipe in case you wanna help yourself and cook something.  FYI, I am newbie in cooking, but I have to because there's a pantry in my boarding house. Before, I don't like cooking at all, the only activities I did related to cooking is just helping my mom cutting something in the kitchen and then watching her finish the rest. But, Thank God now surprisingly I'm officially in love with cooking. 
Here is my very first recipe, that i am going to share with you.
I call all my recipes with "resep masakan anak kos" (food recipes for boarding student).
I created it based on what I watch in my mom's kitchen.
Mom loves to cook mashed potatoes, but in order to make variation, I mix the potatoes with carrot. Surprisingly it add sweet taste to my mashed potatoes. And because I love cheese, I put sheved cheese on top. And the taste is two times better. Try it! It's so easy, lovelies :)
And this is it "mashed potatoes with cheese" a la Chef Ladyulia:

Here is the recipe and how to cook the food "Mashed Potatoes with Cheese":  

♥ Recipe:
1 large potatoboiled until tender, remove skin and blend.
1 medium carrotfinely shaved/ chopped.
1 eggs, take the white
1 stalk spring onion, finely chopped
2 spring onions, finely chopped
kitchen cheese
White pepper powder
Cooking Oil

 How to cook:
1.Fry leek and onion with the butterAfter the yellow lift.
2.Mix all the ingredients add salt and white pepper for better taste.
3.Shape the batter based on your creation, divide it into 6.
4.Heat the oildip the batter which is molded into the egg whitecooking over low heat until the color looks like gold.
5.Serve the food with cheese on top.

For the 6 Mashed Potatoes with Cheese.

Goodluck with your mashed potatoes with cheese ;)
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Eat something!
Yulia Rahmawati

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4 comment

  1. look so yummy,i wanna try this one :*

  2. So familiar. Mashed potatoes with carrots ( though without cheese) is almost what we call "hutspot". Moreover "resep masakan anak kos" also reminds of some words' Dutch origin: "resep" = "recept and "kos" = "kost".

    More important: having a good time in Jakarta and enjoying being student at JSU?

  3. hmmmm yummy. resepnya oke juga nih buat bekel sekolah. pascal suka kentang juga kadang aku buaykan hashbrown


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