Hello People! I am currently in love with fashion things called harem pants, or here in Indonesia mostly said as Aladdin Pants at its first time came to my country. Harem makes me feel more comfortable. And I love the way my friends calls me, everytime I wear any harem pants, Jasmine. And then they will singing "A Whole New World" song, the original soundtrack for Aladdin movie every single time they pass in front of me. Hehe. But yes, you can't just waer harem pants like when you are wearing your jeans. You need to make some adjustment to your upper outfit and your feet, because harem can instantly cut your torso and create a short siluet to your body. Well maybe it's okay if you got height like catwalk candies, but if you are someone with average height it could be seriously dangerous. Here some of my tips if you are going to use harem pants:

How to use harem pants:
  1. Tuck your shirt/tee/upper outfits right into your harem pants.
  2. Its okay if you are wearing long upper outfits and do not want to tuck it into your harem pants, but please create shape to your body by using belt.
  3. It will be much better if you wear harem pants with gladiator sandals, wedges, pumps, or aladdin sandals. Flats shoes sometime also can shorten your torso, except if your flat is open toe.
  4. Choose the right harem pants for yourself, there are so many kinds of harem pants outside there, and not every single of them is fit on you, except (again) you got the height like catwalk candies.
  5. If you wear veil or any accessories, watch the way you wear them. It can be create a short siluet to your body.

Dark Blue Veil: Parisian
Pink Long Sleeves Tee: Spick and Span
Dark Blue Harem Pants: Unbranded
Sling Bag: Gift
Rose Necklace: Ladyulia (LY) Collection-Check out the facebook!
Pink Ribbon Ring: Naughty
Bangles: Naughty
White sandals: Zu Yi Lin 

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7 comment

  1. @mbak liday: hwaa,,,mbak lidya ini setia banget. makasih ya mbak, selalu menyempatkan diri mampir ke mari.

  2. Cantik..beruntunngnya punya istri yang mengerti mode..sang suami tak akan jemu-jemu memandangnya...apalagi pake ajaran jajan di luar..

  3. @muh zainal: waduh, berat nih bahasannya. but thanks insyaAllah

  4. Seeing the photos I'm all for a law prescribing harem pants :). They just look great ( on you - as any outfit seems to do by the way. ).

    (If I were a sultan I would also applaud the revival of harems - sorry, just joking)

  5. @Colson: hahah. its okay colson :) and thanks for your sweet comment :)

  6. nice!


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