New MacBook Pro 2012 ♥


*Part of conversation with my Mom on the telephone.

Me: Hey Mom, I want this new MacBook Pro so bad.
Mom: Hm? New MacBook Pro?Why?
Me: Umh,,It comes from the future. Well, no, because I think this new MacBook Pro is very user friendly. 
Mom: Then? 
Me: Its a cool thing especially for photographer, videographer, graphic designer, architect...
Mom: Okay, but which one are you?
Me: Well,, Umh,,, Don't you know I am a photographer?
Mom: Are you? Really?
Me: Mom! -_-"  

Gosh, I think I'm in love at the first sight right after seeing the video review of the new MacBook Pro 2012. And I know Steve Jobs, wherever he is, is smiling ear to ear watching what happen in this world recently. With all the things inside this new MacBook Pro 2012, it comes with a very high incredible performance. My favorites are the high resolution display if I'm not in mistake its the highest resolution display so far, the processor, and its heat fan. I want it so bad, beside that I'm on a plan to change my current laptop. I think this new MacBook pro is just fits me at its best. But, I think I need help from my parents if its too expensive to buy with my own money. Hehe. And yes, even I'm now 22 years old, but I still love asking suggestion from my superb Mommy and Daddy about anything. Love to hear advices from them, even still at the end they always put the decision back to me. Dear God, let me have this baby MacBook Pro. Here's the video of new MacBook Pro 2012 I took from You Tube. 

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7 comment

  1. I think we get that look from our moms all the same. My mom said that too when I told her I'm an artist. LOL

  2. Of course professionals need 'state of the art" equipment.

    You're right. I know, because I've been on both sides. Parents are for wise advice- and helping you out financially :). Not necessarily in that order :).

  3. @Al: haha. hello
    @Sovathary: LOL
    @Colson: hehhee. yeaay, someone agree with me.

  4. I used macpro once when I was doing internship at one advertising agency, and boy, that maybe the only device that survive my speedy(and rough) drag and click, so far.

    Illustrated Tote Bags Giveaway on my blog;)

  5. nice article

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