This is the second part of my blog posting about my day out with my senior high school friends, Pida, Oki, Ryo, and Panca. Until now, every time I see the picture of us sitting neatly at Batavia Cafe, Kota Tua Jakarta always makes me feel so classy and gorgeous and marvellous and glamorous. You can see the photo at my blog post before. I love vintage things, and I love being vintage. Maybe next time after all of my blog post about my turban hijab invasion, how I recently loves wearing turban so much, I'll do post about my vintage things at this blog.

Yesterday was a national blogger day (Hari Blogger Nasional) and my friend, Kartolo, congrate me as I'm still blogging until this day while so many people stop blogging and move to twitter and another social media even famous blogger stop blogging, oh come on. Dear Kartolo, you have to know how much I do love my blog. As I told you through blog I can share everything as much as I want without throwing rubbish on the others twitter's timeline. And through blogging I can come back to my old time blog posting as everytime I wanna come back to my past. Beside that I have lovely friends here in this blogging world who are always come to see my blog post eventhough I don't do blog walking often and visiting their blog back. There is Colson, Rini, Mbak Lidya, Kak Cici, Bella, Sovathary, Nourash, Yolanda, and so many others. And also my silent reader who loves to come to this blog and commenting how much they love this blog directly to me. They give me lotsa energy to keep this blog alive. So far I can't find any reason to stop blogging :) Beside that I do this for a cause not for applause, everytime I feel low in blogging I will always try to remind myself that I do blogging for a cause not for applause. And that works!

So, here my black and white, my monochrome documentation when having fun with my senior high school mate. And I love the very first photo at this blog post, where my best friend Oki laugh happily and captured by my camera, Julizar. Genieten en het einde!

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)

And last, Selamat Hari Sumpah Pemuda.
Long live Indonesian youth! You guys are rocks. Do your best for yourself because I'm sure that a good youth will do their best for their country!

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  1. This made me remember my school days! I miss those! Thanks for sharing!

    If you have a minute, please join my $25 RIRE GIVEAWAY. Thank you!

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  3. Seeing the pictures, reading the slogan, I'm just a jealous guy; neither young nor Indonesian (^_-).


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