This time I would like to share about my favourite top model, Coco Rocha. I heart Coco Rocha because she has a strong personality in her carrier as a top model. She has her own rules when taking a modelling job and she respect her decision so much. Such as Coco Rocha participate in a campaign againts eating disorder which is really happening in the modelling industry, she does not do smoking poses, and she has her own rules about how much her skin can be shown to public. And the sweetest thing about Coco Rocha is she is married. Cute, eh? I think all of model, and all of us, people, should have our own personality about what is wrong and what is right for us. We should dare to yes or no when facing any challenges in our life.

And oh the other things I heart about Coco Rocha is she has thousands of unique, quirky yet cool poses. I love the way she moves her body when posing. Like she does not affraid to look weird in all her poses. Coco Rocha is so adorable. Sometimes, honestly I don't really like to show my weird face at my photos to public, but then I'm learning about how precious I am God gives to me. Because hey that's me, that is Yulia Rahmawati. And yes, I adore people who really apreciated and accepted the way God creates and gives to them. Because I know it is not easy to accept who we really are. It's the basic of human nature.

Here I copied some of her portofolio that I took from her personal website, Maybe someday I'll make a blog post with poses like Coco Rocha. Hope my Coco Rocha poses fits my height and my body. Hehhe.

This is Coco for Harpers Bazaar Singapore

This is Coco for Elle Italy 2011

This is Coco for Karl Lagerfeld

This is Coco for Longchamp

Super cool, eh? I can't help my self to yell or just say whoaaah, or something like that when seeing any video of photoshoot that worked with Coco Rocha. This is one of my favourite video where Coco Rocha posing in a photoshoot for a magazine cover. Enjoy!

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17 comment

  1. wow cool Coco Rocha! she's awesome, jadi dia role model kaka. :D

    visit my little cream button♥

  2. i always adore her style too!she's too stunning <3

  3. @adeayu: hahh, enggak role model juga sih de. kalau untuk daily style I prefer Alexa Chung ;) Kalau Coco Rocha aku suka totalitas dia.

    @Bella: yeaaay!. gimme five ;)

  4. wiih...keren ya...posenya aneh2 tp stunning! plg suka yg terakhir bwt iklan longchamp :)

  5. Of course this is not my line of work, but I can't but agree she is extraordinary. A kind of athlete. A beautiful one on top of that.

    By the way you're right on this as well: the first thing to do in order to have a successful career is to be satisfied, no I mean happy, with one's essential self :).

  6. She's definitely brilliant and she seems to be really polite and nice have you seen the episode of america's next top model where she enters to challenge the girls? xxxx

    Style Lullaby

  7. Hi Yulia!
    Your blog is great and your pics are full of love.
    Thanks for coming now I've discovered you.

    Cat kisses.

  8. another coco :) they are fashion inspiration, both are so gorgeous! maybe we should name our daughter coco one day :)

  9. She is .... very extraordinary *speechless*
    4 thumbs up! ♥

  10. i follow you .. thank you for your comment!

  11. I came across your amazing blog and I'd like us to remain in touch! How'd you like to follow each other?

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth


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