It's been so long since my last photography blog post. Click here if you wanna check it. If it is not because of my fashion photography classmate, Kartolo I do not know when I am going to post the result of this fashion street hunting photos. As I told you in my another blog post before, I entered a photography school named Kelas Pagi Jakarta. And one of the class I participated was Fashion Photography Class.

My lovely teacher at Fashion Photography Class, Mbak Sianny Widyasari asked the class to do fashion street hunting at Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta to practice our sensitivity through fashion. Eventhough it was in a sport arena where not so many Jakartans really dressed up to go there, but whether they conscious about it or not, actually they do applied fashion taste onto their outfit, even as simple as mix the same colours into their outfit or wearing one stunning fashion stuff as their outfit.

Here is some of my Jakarta sport fashion street photography. I'll post the rest of my photography another day. Enjoy and challenge yourself to find what heaven called "fashion" on those people :D

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10 comment

  1. suka sama idenya.. that's awasome :)

  2. I can't help, but since I'm a granddad I always get moved by pictures of children. Especially if they resemble one of my own grandchildren.
    Actually in the last picture ( which is a fabulous picture by the way) I think I "recognize" my own Devica Esha :). I love it! So sweet, so cute.

    As for fashion... to me people - except for one lady- appear to dress nice, relaxed and casual. As one should expect in the context.

  3. aaaa love love love! i wish i could be one of them huahah :3

  4. love the last photo! so unique..

    wah bener juga ya kak, walau itu sebenarnya kan waktu orang olahraga dan orang juga pake baju olahraga kebanyakan, justru "fashion sense"nya harus bener-bener ekstra.. dan great! kaka ngambil foto-fotonya keren banget! sangat menginspirasi ka :D

    visit my little cream button♥

  5. miss u yulia :), foto2 mu keren2 say,, kapan pulang ajarin saya yahhh :d

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