Hi, the current weather at Jakarta is so random. I'm so busy with so many things but I don't take care of my healthiness. Heheh. So, I cathced a cold since yesterday and I'm sneezing like a thousand times since yesterday. Now I can't smell anything and all the foods I ate has the plain taste. So guys, do not be like me especially of you are a busy man. Healthiness is such a treasurer, there's something incomplete at ourselves if it is not there, isn't it? So please take care of your healthiness, and please pray for my healthiness :)

This time I would like to post about my red turban hijab style. So, it's just another post about how I love wearing turban at my blog. And I do a little change to the pixel of my blog post, it's larger now. So you can see larger photos at my blog. And still I keep it clean at the right and the left side so there will be no other things disturbing your eyes while reading the blog post. I know some people is just okay with three columns or two columns blog, but some people does not like it. 

So, here it is, me and my little red SAY Hijab turban. You will love it ;)

On @Ladyulia: // Red Turban: SAY Hijab // Pashmina wear as shawl: SAY Hijab // Puff Leather Blazer: Anonymous // Black Bali dress: gift from Mom //

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)
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14 comment

  1. First of all: Get well soon!

    Red. The most sexy colour of all :).

  2. love kacamatanya....
    suka warna blazernya..
    get well soon yaa :D

  3. get well soon dear..

    love ur look with red turban. maybe someday we can make lookbook with turban ...

    miss u

  4. @Almaidah: Thank you.
    @Dewi: Dewi, makasiiiiiiiiiiiiih. I miss you!

  5. Its pretty cool what blogging can perform. Connect you with all others.

  6. get well soon kak Yulia :D
    aku juga sempat anemia gara-gara sibuk banget :(

    btw kapan nih ka new collection dari SAY Hijab? cant wait hehe

    visit my little cream button♥

  7. Selamat malam...

    Aku bagi-bagi e.l.f eyeshadow pallete 100 warna, dengan aturan baru. Nggak pake ngelakuin apa-apa, cuma cukup daftar kontes nya aja.

    Cek disini ya :

    Dijamin gampang, nggak pake usaha berat kok.... kalau buka link profile, lihat di blog "PLUMBLUSH" yaaaa

    Have a great November....



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