Hello, I know it is December already. But I don't wanna missed my daily hijab style through November 2012. I totally changed the way I make a blog post of my daily hijab style since 1st November 2012. I made a post more serious by post it in a professional layout for my daily hijab style . I also trying so hard to take a good photography for my daily hijab style, so it is not just a picture, I put a "taste" in it. And I do love my blog more and more since I do that for my daily hijab style through November 2012. I love seeing the tittle of my blog post appear at the first picture of my daily hijab style through November 2012. And I also love every quotes and poems at the beginning of my blog post. I hope I can do the same or even better blog post for my blog next month and forever :) And I hope you guys also do love what I do for my blog post. And thanks for all the compliments about my blog layout and header and my blog post. Thank you for appreciating, Guys. I love you :*

I start with this blog post on 1st November 2012. The Little Red Turban and all of the pictures at this blog post is my most favourite from all my November daily hijab style.

And then I have this daily hijab style blog post: Cherish by Yulia Rahmawati

After that I Post this sponsored hijab style - I Need A Holiday. This blog post sponsored by SAY Hijab.

And then I have a super fun blog post. Since I tell people about my class little party. 
Here is my hijab daily style blog post, Class Little Party.

This Girl in A Strange Land is my favourite blog post after The Little Red Turban
So many people asking where was I took the picture for my daily hijab style while 
I took the picture beside my home at my hometown, Jambi. 

After that I have a super dreamy daily hijab style blog post, Le Lapin Rose or The Pink Rabbit. 
I create a photoshoot with a short story inside. Feels like in a fairytale.

And then I continued my blog post with another fairytale photoshoot concept. I post my daily 
hijab style through a simple slideshow video about The Closed Window accross my room.

Here is my another favourite blog post, I love how all the photos connected with the poem song lyrics 
from Sleeping At Last, Porcelain. And I also named my daily hijab style blog post with Porcelain.

This one is another sponsored blog post by SAY Hijab, Two in One.

And it was the last daily hijab style blog post of my November 2012. Slow and Steady.

So, from my blog post: Daily hijab Style - A Flashback Through November 2012, 
which one is your favourite, Guys? Please let me know ;)

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)
to share about the story you are living in
please kindly follow my blog if you like my daily 
hijab style - a flashback through November 2012

Follow your heart!
Yulia Rahmawati

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14 comment

  1. Soo, my fav are The Red Turban, I Need A Holiday, Porcelain and Two in One! Keep doing it!:)

  2. COOL POST! :) I love your hijab pattern on Cherish post. <3

  3. You've got every reason to be proud :). A great performance!

    By the way: the photo(s) I liked most of all were those with the red turban. Remarkable, beautiful, smashing :).

  4. @Dyah: thanks dyah. I you also cool :D

    @Colson: yaaaaay. Your comment is always cheers me up. Thanks so so much colson :D

  5. Very interesting photos!

    Thank you very much. :)

  6. yay you posted so many beautiful photos <3 thanks for sharing ! <3

  7. siap2 untuk foto bulan desember
    + puisinya :)

  8. fashionista ! waaa looks like yuna . no no . its you .

  9. Blognya keren banget!
    Kalau sempat mampir sekalian gabung dengan teman-teman lain yang sudah SUBMIT URL BLOG-nya di Direktori Weblog Indonesia. :)

  10. yang red turban! bagus banget sama the closed window. I love that slide show :D

  11. yang red turban! bagus banget sama the closed window. I love that slide show :D


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