Have you ever feel so sad knowing that your so very chic shoes ornament no longer on its place. While actually we bought that shoes not only because the colour and the pattern of the shoes but also because of how beautiful or simple or cute the shoe ornament is. But yeah, sometimes shit just happen and if you are still in love with that shoes you have to do something with your shoes.

Well, that shit happened to my new flat shoes somedays ago. First something hit the ornament so it is not stand on its place properly. Maybe someone hit it or I put my super heavy bag on the ornament that made the ornament detached from its place. Whatever it is, the only thing I know is my flat shoes ornament has been gone, and I don't know where it was accidentally fall. Feel so sad, because that was my very first time wearing that flat shoes and I should loose the ornament of my flat shoes. 

I'm thinking so hard to find a way so I can still wear my flat shoes, I'm so in love with the colour and the pattern, also the simplicity of the ornament of my flat shoes actually. I have to do a little DIY to save my shoes. And here is the step I did to help my flat shoes. Maybe you can do it as well to your broken shoes ornament or just do it for the sake of boredom for example if you just wanna feel like having a new pair of shoes. You can simply follow some little steps below to save your shoes.

 This is how my flat shoes looks like while I'm realizing that I loose one of my shoes ornament.

First, prepare all stuff you need to do DIY - Save Your Shoes.
Those are stuff you need to do this DIY - Save your shoes:
1). Wet Tissue or wet dust cloth- to clean your shoes; 2) Power Glue - of course to stick your
new ornament; 3) Ornament - I used my old ethcnic shoes ornament or you can used some ribbon
or brooch or anything else depend on your taste as the new ornament.

And then remove everything on your shoes.

 After that clean your shoes properly with wet tissue or dust cloth or anything else depend on the
material of your shoes. It is very important to know your shoes material before clean it.

 Put glue behind the new ornament, use strong power glue to make the new ornament stick
very well on your shoes in order to avoid bad things happen again to your shoes ornament.

Attached the ornament on your shoes, adjust the ornament based on the surface of your shoes.
Put the ornament at the best place based on your point of view on your shoes.

Voila, you've got a new pair of beautiful shoes now! I myself really love my new flat shoes. I love to see
the ethnic touched on my current flat shoes :D

I feel so satisfied with the result. Some tips from me, before you wear your new shoes it is better to make sure everything is attached very well on its place. As I told you before you can do the same DIY to save your shoes. And maybe again I will do the same DIY to my other old shoes to make it looks like new shoes if I got another leisure time. Heheh. 

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22 comment

  1. Awsome and such a creative idea ,,,

  2. waa ornamen nya lucu kaak beli apa gmn? such a creative idea! <3

  3. Wow - You did a brilliant job! I have never placed ornaments on - but I have changed the colour of flat shoes before. Once with spray paint and once with marker pens!

  4. yay!! its cuter than before!! creative

    visit my blog ^^

  5. jadi terlihat bagus lagi ya sepatunya

  6. Wahhh, terus kasut jadi cantik..

    Thanks dear.. ;)

  7. hope the new one won't get detached again ;D ;D hehe you're creative kak

  8. That's great in several ways. It's a simple and effective way to maintain what you love. The result is great. And you help a sustainable economy :).

    [I'll bring some of my shoes and ask you to mend them ( it would be quite a challenge to wear a pair of shoes with some feminine ornaments attached to them :)]

  9. great DIY! I like your shoe now :)

    Rae :3
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  10. Wow, your shoes look even better after the DIY!:)))

  11. I think your shoes look way better this way :)

  12. beautiful photos and great blog! thanks for your visit! wanna follow each other? Best regards!

  13. such a great DIY , amazing
    am following you now , hope you will follow me back .


  14. Very good idea!
    And your "new" shoes looks fantastic! :)

  15. Nicely done!
    You can use clip on earrings too !

  16. ide nya bagus bgt yulia
    makasih yah idenyaaaa

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    seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.

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