Time flies fastly, even faster than what I can remember. Thanks God I have this blog, at least this blog reminds me some of memories left behind. Now, the first day of 2013 almost change, and I just don't wanna miss it. So that I decided to write even just a little here, just to reminds me that I still believe in hopes and dreams in every walk I step into the days after.

2012 taught me so many things, poured me so many taste of life. I wish I can learn more, share more, and feel more in 2013. 

As time goes fastly, I know I grow and grow and grow up fastly as well. Not only literally grow up but I have to grow up where most people called it mature. We can't change our surroundings, the one who have to change is someone we called "ourselves". Then trust me, the world will change with us.

I have some resolution to be realized in 2013, some of them is become closer to Allah SWT, read some certain books, blogging regularly, continuing my master degree at Ohio State University or finish my master degree at Jakarta State University, drink more, seeing different view of Indonesia, and expanding my businesses.

May Allah give me strength, healthiness and His mercy to me in every step I take. Amin.

Following my heart,

Yulia Rahmawati

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  1. amin for all your prayer ,,,and keep fighting for our dream and hope ,,,semangat

  2. amin for all your prayer ,,,and keep fighting for our dream and hope ,,,semangat

  3. good luck for everything you've planned for 2013. hopefully in upcoming new year you'll find a checklist next to every resolution you've made now. :D cheers!

  4. I hope you and your loved ones will have a splendid, healthy and happy 2013.


  5. happy new year too ya kak :) i hope that your goals will come true this year!keep being awesome!

  6. Hope, no, actually I'm pretty sure, a focussed woman like you will realize her ambitions in 2013 :).

    One thing though puzzles me. You wrote: "We can't change our surroundings". I disagree. Yes, we can.You can. Actually you probably do. Aren't you changing you're surroundings right now already??

  7. aamiin... happy new year too Yulia :D. So many things to do in the new year :)

  8. happy new year ka ^^
    amiiin, wish everything BETTER this year and all resolutions comes true :D

    visit my little cream button♥


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