Hey, I bring bad news this time, well at least for me. My cellphone was lost at Transjakarta with Blok M Destination yesterday. I went from Sarinah shelter and planned to transit at Dukuh Atas shelter, but God has another plan, I realized that my cellphone was lost when I'm going go outside the Transjakarta. And then I told to the on board of Transjakarta, they provide a security to check all the passenger. I didn't think that really helpful, but its so very nice that they wanna help, and its such a heart warmer in that condition. 

Actually I already let my cellphone taken, but at the end I hate this pickpocket, besides took my cellphone he/she also sending message to number at my cellphone asking for any credit of pulse. Oh, is it not just enough to take my cellphone. Damn! And what makes me feel sad is there are lotsa ideas in my message draft. Ah!

I give myself to Allah SWT, and let Him do His plan to me. This morning I'm going to Grapari to take over my number. I believe that Allah provides better plan for me. Amin.

Well, I just want all the Jakartans to be careful, really careful wherever you go.


Yulia Rahmawati

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7 comment

  1. I read your tweet about it, kak :(
    I'm sorry to hear that..
    today I lost my motor cycle key at bank, I've told the guard and search everywhere, but I didnt find it. glad there's another key, that my dad's employee sent it to me. at the end, we should be more careful right?

    the pickpocket's so bad. I hope there are no one of your friends tricked.

  2. that's bad :(
    damn you pickpocket !
    but get well soon dear :)


  3. So sorry to hear that from you ,coz i lost my phone twice in 2 year ...we must be more careful .....

  4. I feel sorry for you. Especially because of the ideas.

    These pickpockets are a shame. But I'm afraid there is no remedy but to be extremely cautious and hoping for a lot of good luck

  5. pasti nanti dapat ganti yang lebih lagi kak :)

  6. Naik Transjakarta tidak selalu aman, apalagi saat mengantri di shelter, khususnya shelter yg ramai dan sampai berdesak-desakan..
    Lebih berhati-hati ya, Mbak.. Smoga teman-teman atau kerabat tidak tertipu dr sms si pencopet.. aamiin

  7. Wah :-(

    Be careful, sist..
    Emang jakarta banyak pencopetnya :-(
    mudah2an gak ada penyalahgunaan en kerugian lanjutannya ya sist :-(


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