Life is getting harder for me, I do not know why but I easily feels tired. I think I should consume vitamins, drink enough water, and eat more, I lose two kilograms more of my weight. My old blogger friends maybe notice that I've got skinnier, I lost 11 kilograms since I moved to Jakarta. Hahah. Oh, I wish I can pass everything at my things to do list in healthiness and happiness and keep doing my best. This month I decided not to buy any clothes and yes my outfit at this blog post that I wore to go to IELTS course must be really out of trend, no denim, no stripes, no overall, no checker pattern, no hounsdtooth pattern, heheh, but I have to do that because I'm saving money to buy new cellphone :) I've been saving my money for two months by the way and decided not buy any clothes made looking deeply through my closet to find something that looks like what is trending now and I found some clothes that I even forget I bought them. Heheh. So please don't feel irritate seeing my outfits this month, because perhaps you will not see world's current fashion trends here but my own fashion trend :p

What @Ladyulia wore on her daily hijab style - 
Complete Grey With Pink:
// Unbranded Pink Pashmina // Unbranded Under hijab //
Amour Basics grey Batwing Top // ZARA black jeans // 
Office London black Ankle Boots //

I currently listening to Bill Callahan - Riding for the Feeling to chill me out when I got rushed and to drop me to my beautiful dreams at night. I love this part of the lyrics: "riding for the feeling is the fastest way to reach the shore"

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)

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Daily Hijab Style - Complete Grey With Pink

Following my heart,

Yulia Rahmawati

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34 comment

  1. makan telur yang banyak kak. kemaren aku juga abis sakit trus berat badanku juga turun banyak disuruh makan telur yang banyak ama bu dokter, minimal 3 butir tiap hari -,-

    btw walopun gak ada outfit yang lagi "happening" dibadan kak yulia, outfit kak Yulia tetep kece kok. sometimes we have to break the trend :D

  2. @rini: sweet sekali commentnya. thanks ya :) tapi aku seneng sih, beratnya turun.hahah. yang penting sehat aja :)

  3. wah sampe turun 11kg ka >_< aku disini lagi naik banget berat badan karena udah gak terlalu banyak kegiatan.. huhu susah mau diet..

    sukaa paduan outfit kaka ^^ aku juga lagi nabung buat beli lensa baru ka, jadi gak ada beli outfit baru..

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  4. @adeayu: hahah, iya aku ngerasa km lebih berisi.heheh. yuk semangat nabung :)

  5. Nothing wrong with grey and pink :).

    (Though loosing 11 kilograms IS something you should do something about :().

  6. wah keren ko suka sekali dengan batwingnya ,,,,

    yuk kita nabung ( walau agak-agak susah
    ^_^ semangat semua

  7. you should eat more kak,stay healthy .__. love the outfit as always!semangat IELTS course nya ^^

  8. I think it's great to have a I-don't-buy-any-clothes-this-period period. It makes us look in our closets a little bit more for, hopefully, great new outfit/combinations.

    You should look after your health, it's the most important!! 11 kgs is a lot!


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  10. Keep this going please, great job!

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  11. really cute!
    have a nice weekend

  12. Get well really soon kak :D
    you still look beautiful btw :D

  13. You must keep yourself healthy! I agree, take some vitamins, drink more water, even do some yoga, and don't forget to get all your sleep :)

  14. Eating healthy and taking supplements is important and plenty of water too, but I find stress is the most tiring thing to combat. I hope you feel better soon,
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  17. Sorry to hear you haven't bene 100%, hope you fele better soon. Good luck with saving up :)

  18. you look lovely ,
    amazing funky top , it's my kinda thing to wear for spring .


  19. Ka, aku malah pengen kurus =_=
    Minum susu kaa, eat more? makan tapi teratur kan ka? kayak pagi, siang dan malem. Tidurnya jam 10an. jangan lupa makan tempe sehat lho kaaa :3
    Jangan jajan sembarangan :3 hihi

    Ah ka, aku juga ga gitu ngikutin trend~ bener kata rini 'Sometimes we have to break the trend~'



    getwellfast ka!

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  21. I've always liked grey and pink together. Take care of yourself, keep going and stay healthy.

  22. pink pink...salah satu warna favoritkuuu

  23. olahraga kakak biar seger badannya :D
    btw, biar old outfit tetep kece kok :P

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