What are you thinking when hearing pinky colour? Some woman and man avoiding this colour. Some people keep saying pink just suits the teenager very well, pink is too fragile, too girly, too bright, and so many others "too" words. Or, maybe they just don't know to wear pink for life. For me, there is nothing wrong to wear pink even for men, a nice cutting shirt with soft pink colour would be so nice to look for. There is no problem with pink, I think as long as you wear it right.

I myself enjoy almost all the colours offered by the world I'm living in, including any gradation pink colours of course. Wearing pinky colours add some shine to my face and it makes me feel happy. When I wanna feel bold I choose fuschia, and when I wanna feel smooth, I run to soft pink. Or when I wanna feel bold yet smooth at the same time, I combined pink fushia and the soft pink like in the pictures of my hijab blog post, Pinky Lady. The things that I don't really like is being miss matchy-matchy from up to toe. Wearing pink from up to toe only suits "The Legally Blonde", not me. So that at this blog post I combined pink with yellow. What do you think? This pinky lady ready to go round the world.

So here it is, the pinky lady. Enjoy!

What @Ladyulia wore on her blog post - Pinky Lady :
// Polkadots pattern hijab shawl: SAY Hijab // Under hijab: unbranded // Yellow sweater: unbranded // Pink fuschia skirt: The Kayla Project // Ankle boots: Fleur De Liss // Vintage suitcase: American Tourister

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)
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Following my heart,

Yulia Rahmawati

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6 comment

  1. Hi Pinky Lady ^^
    Cakep banget kak Yulia. love how you describe pink ^^

    visit my little cream button♥ instagram♥ | bloglovin♥

  2. You look so soft and pretty in pink Yulia:)... I'm 29 and a mom, but I loooove pink

  3. Baru tau kalau warna pink di rok itu namanya fuschia #katrok :|
    but i love your mix and match yulia! :D kuning sama pink itu jadinya sesuatu... sweet! :D

  4. Nothing wrong with any colour. Of course not. So pink is alright. Especially if the model wearing pink is this one:).

    Yet I have to admit that to me textile and pink is not a perfect match. Well, on second thought.. it is for my little granddaughter. However for grown ups I definitely prefer other colours.

  5. I love pink in any form and shade. Best colour ever and I like to wear it as much as possible.

  6. wah, lucu lucu :D

    lama saya gak Blog Walking. Apa kabar?
    Selamat berakhir pekan ya :)


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