I watched the video shared by my photographer friend, Ajeng, at my facebook wall. You should watch this video because maybe you have the exact experience as the photographer or videographer at the video or maybe you are the guy talked about in the video.

Source: Don't be that guy 

Technology development is good and very helpful nowadays, everyone can take a picture or video  even just by using their smart phone camera easily. That makes people do not want to miss any moment that they think needs to document, needs to remember. Above all, attitude is still the most fashionable thing to think. It is very important to have a self conscious about our environment when we take a picture especially in a super special moment like a wedding party because people wants to see the best picture at their special moment. Sometimes, the bride and the groom, they do not care how the photographer took the pictures of their wedding, they just want to have a perfect wedding picture to take a look or to hang at the wall. So that I am begging to you Guys, please behave, help the real photography man to get their best angle without having your camera or your hand or your head or another disturbing things at the scene. Look around, ask yourself do you bothering the hired photographer, do you bothering the other guest, and so on.

Thank You.

Yulia Rahmawati

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  1. Though I sympathize with the troubled photographer and though you are absolutely right about behaving at weddings,I still think the worst mistakes of weddings are the occasions when the wrong guy marries the wrong girl ( or vice versa) for the wrong reasons.


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