I love almost every oversized fashion stuffs. They could be skirt, bag, necklace, sweater, yes almost everything umh,,, except shoes I think :p 

Now look at all the dresses below, currently in love with them. First is Victoria by Victoria Beckcham, the second and third I found somewhere in the internet. Even though there was so many media criticised Victoria look in that dress, I do not care. I love 'em no matter how media said that dress looks like a sack. Even Victoria said that dress was her most favourite collection. 

I think I love that dress because first yes it is oversize and very hijabi friendly because it won't press on your body when you wear it. Besides, it looks playful and fun, like a little girl in her playsuits. 

Now here we go,

Me playing with oversized dress and trying to double
it with a light pink t-shirt for Tuesday hijab style.

What do you think?

What @Ladyulia wore on her daily hijab style 
// Uniqlo Scarf // Active Pink Tee //
// Bird Brave Oversized Dress // Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoes //

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)
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Follow your heart,

Yulia Rahmawati

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10 comment

  1. Eh lucuuu bajunya, hihi ^^

    Anyway, aku lagi cari guest blogger utk #MenulisMuharram.
    Lihat disini deh: http://bit.ly/HlVEya, thankyou ^^

  2. You look adrable!! do you want to follow each other? following you now on facebook =)


  3. very inspiring.. beautiful and syar'i <3


  4. amazing :D warna hijabnya soft bngt : cantik....

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love to wear oversized dress too!
    You're amazing! I love your style and how you can 'make it work' with your hijab. :D

    we should be friends. hahahaha...

    A Lone Cat Journey

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