So, what Yulia did on Valentine's Day? 

Just so you know Yulia here refers to myself. FYI, I am not celebrating Valentine's Day. Well, I am celebrating love everyday. For me February 14 is just like the other ordinary regular day except when February 14 is a holiday and marked red on the calendar, then I will definetely celebrate it :p

Despite I did not celebrate Valentine's Day but the atmosphere of this day, I can feel it in almost public places at Jakarta, pink decoration, roses, chocolate, and other stuff almost pink or red or white spreading everywhere. Even florist at the traditional market where I shop for groceries and other daily needs doubled the price of flowers that they sell from regular price. Especially for each kind of flowers related with Valentine's Day. Maybe just because I bought flowers at that shop regularly, almost every week, the owner of that flower shop still give discount for me. Yeaaay. But yeah, even though I am not celebrating Valentine's Day, people keep yelling at me, they thought I bought flowers for my boyfriend when I brought a big bouquet of flowers on my way to home! Umh, let's make it clear, having no boyfriend right now is not my reason of why I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

Today, I went the traditional market to buy some vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Those three things never absence from my list every time I goes to traditional market. Yeah, I am really crazy to any kind of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Because my kitchen supplies is almost out of stock and I need to eat something for life, to survive. Oh, I hope I eat to live instead of live to eat. 

Actually, I feel so confuse about what to post on my blog lately. Even though I have so many stock of outfit pictures at my laptop storage but I feel like I have no energy to post them. I do not know why. Maybe this is why people said that when you have something to post at blog, never postponed it even for one night. Just do make a post straight away. 

I think I ever told you once here, that I will personalise my blog post by posting my daily activities more or something like that. And yeah, I think that is the best why to keep this blog running, it is so easy to tell current stories than what is happen yesterday or one month ago or even years ago, right? I will treat my blog like my personal diary with some adjustment. So maybe I can write everyday because of that, hey keeping memories from each days of life is one of the reasons of why I created this blog. I guess I forgot about that and I just remember that today.

Okay, back to what Yulia did on Valentine's Day. Besides went to bought groceries and flowers, I also keep working on my thesis proposal, of course. Today I found some ideas for my thesis proposal and still developing it into my own thesis proposal so I can show it to my supervisor. Wish me luck. I really wanna finish it soon. 

And at the end of the day, I cleaned my room and when I came to my make up table I found that one of my body lotion, body butter actually, will soon getting expired in 5 months. I remember that one day a very kind leather bag seller told me to use lotion to take care and moisture leathers. Then I thought why not sharing my body butter with my leather shoe.

So, here is the step how to take care of your leather shoe and stuffs with your body lotion.
  • Prepare all the shoe that is going to be polished and conditioned with lotion or conditioner. Yes, there is also leather conditioner sells at the market, you can googling it. Make sure that you already clean the surface of your shoe. Better to use colourless lotion or shoe conditioner especially if your shoe leather has a bright or soft colour like white, pink, soft yellow, and others because it can change the colour of your shoe leather. In this case, I used her vanilla The Body Shop Body Butter Duo.

  • Rub your shoe using soft and clean clothes. Or you can also use your hand so it is not only your shoe that will get moisturised but also your hand. Please do not put too much lotion on your shoe, acting over above something is not good, is it?

  • When you are done, put your shoe at the open air to let it dry. As the result you will get pairs of shiny yet smells good leather shoe :)
  • (Alternative) If you want to wear your shoe soon, you can dry your leather shoe with hair dryer. Make sure you use your hairdryer in a proper distance from your shoe and super minimum heat. After that rub your shoe with a clean and soft piece of clothes and you're done.
  • Happy trying
  • You can also read my another shoes DIY here or find shoes DIY ideas here and here.

So, that is all about what Yulia did on Valentine's Day, took care of herself and stuffs. Good ideas so she can keep herself busy on Valentine's Day since she chosen not to celebrate the day.

PS: Keep praying for Kelud and Indonesia and world. #prayforkelud

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Follow your heart,

Yulia Rahmawati

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10 comment

  1. Roses for your boyfriend - I admire that :).

    And by the way I think you've got really awesome shoes. And extremely shining polished shoes. I feel ashamed when I look at mine... :).

  2. @colson: noooo, I have no boyfriend. that is roses for my room.

  3. Pretty roses!!
    Sister I was wondering what is ur height?

  4. OMG. Sorry. It's a funny mistake though, isn't it?

  5. Love the amazing pictures :)


  6. i did nothing, too. Just cleaning my room. So that makes the two of us :D

  7. Love the shoes on the left! :)


  8. That leather caring advice is so cool! I will think of that next time I need to take care about my shoes ;)

  9. Hiii , I managed to get here in your blog : D I finished some college works and I'm almost free .
    Here in Brazil , the ' Valentine's Day ' happens in June. Technically that would be universal date , but what have they prefer it to happen in June by profiting more from the sales , then this date is more ' commercial ' .. So, isn't celebrated in February ...
    Do you know one thing I learned over the time to blog ?
    Whenever you are inspired to post - routine , tips , photos, inspiration, etc. - post on the same day , because otherwise this inspiration goes away and you won't get anything more. Just follow your intuition. When I 'm not inspired, I don't enter in my blog , I'm just on tumblr and other social networks, in addition to drawing or photographing, always! < 3 By the way , your photos are very beautiful !
    This tip of the shoes I have ever heard... I think it was tip of grandparents, something! :)

    So sorry, if my english isn't very good or has a mistake agreement! Oops xD. Even with 20 years old, I'm 'rusty' in this language! haha
    Ana Luisa


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