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Hello blog, I miss you.
Hello blogger fellas, I do miss blog walking.
Hello readers, thanks for keep reading and 
waiting for the new blog post.
Ah... currently I am more into keeping every moment 
in my life inside my brain memories rather 
than my camera memory card.

I don't know that this phase will come to my blogging life, I found my offline life much much more interesting currently. Sometimes I think I should make this blog as personal as possible so I can keep this blog updated regularly by posting anything, but I think posting anything is not really good since everyone connected to the internet may read each single words at this blog.

I hope I could manage to make some more time for blogging again as soon as possible. I'll find a way for making my blog updated regularly again because I do miss everything related to blogging world. Or maybe sharing something more personal or miscellaneous thing not that bad huh for the sake of keeping this blog alive? By the way, do you have any question for me or any request for blog posting so I can share it here? If so, kindly left your comment below :)

Alright, let me find the way to see you again.

Follow your heart,

Yulia Rahmawati

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6 comment

  1. Halo Yulia apa kabar? Miss u too :)

  2. Really hope you will keep the blog alive!

    As for interesting subjects, well you read books, you see films, you enjoy music, perhaps you party, you definitely are amazed about and have an opinion about what happens in town, in the country, in the world...

    There's a lot to write about - though of course the main thing is enjoying life :).

  3. I think it's totally fine to take a break from blogging if you don't feel like posting. I do the same from rime to time ;)

  4. Just take your time in blogging, you shouldn't be forced and just enjoy while you are at it! :D


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