So happy that sun shining so brightly up above. I have so many things to do today. Selecting pictures for some fashion styling projects, taking self portrait for some clothing endorsement, groceries shopping, cleaning my room, furnitures and DIY (do it yourself) materials hunting. Above all, I starts the day by having me time, doing some home self treatment. 

This time I would love to share about my favourite face mask for almost 4 years or more. It is tea tree face mask from The Body Shop. Been fans of this brand found by Anita Roddick and saving my money to buy some of her masterpiece because some of them is a bit pricey. (FYI, this Sunday Rituals blog post is not a paid or sponsored blog post, I made it for the shake of sharing because I love the products).

Tea tree magic always works on my face. That is why I decided to try the body shop tea tree face mask 4 years ago when I visited their store and found this green thing on the shelf. Besides I love how this the body shop tea tree face mask illuminate into my skin face minutes after I apply the mask on my face. Above all, the mask does not dry, so I still can keep talking or smiling or laughing without feeling afraid that the mask pulling my skin and caused wrinkle. Just apply the the mask with fingertips or brush to face and neck then leave it for 10-15 minutes before it is ready to rinse off with clean water.

I apply this the body shop tea tree face mask once a week as one of my Sunday rituals. This mask is perfect to chill naughty little pimples and giving clean feeling on my face. I'll share another Sunday rituals next time. What about you? What are your Sunday rituals? Would love to hear about it.

Have a nice weekend, People :)

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  1. nice and inspiring post :)


  2. nice and inspiring post :)



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