اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ

To all Muslim in the world, I wanna say happy Eid Mubarak. May Allah accept all our prayers and fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan. Amin ya Rabb. 

This morning I took picture of my grandma' in the middle of newspapers sea after Eid prayer at a field. We were waiting for Daddy to picked us up because my Daddy accompanied my Mom having Eid prayer at another place, together with my mom's office colleague. After Eid praying, usually people leave the field directly to celebrate Eid Day with their family while me and my grandma' still waiting for my parents.

My grandma' in the middle of newspaper sea

Following the sunnah Rasul, Muhammad SAW, Muslim believes that having Eid prayers in an open field is better than at the mosque except when there is rain of the field filled with mud or something like that. In Indonesia person brought newspaper as the base for their "sajadah" (prayer mat) so the sajadah will not touch the ground directly because people put newsaper under their sajadah. Too bad, after Eid prayers they forgot to keep their newspaper, they left the newspaper all over the field. Usually the event organizer of Eid prayer hire people to clean the field after the people. This morning there was an old man with a huge garbage cart cleaned that huge field filled with newspaper and then burned the newspapers. 

At the first, I thought it is easy to clean all those spreading newspaper, so I ask my grandma to help the old man rather than doing nothing while waiting for my parents to pick us. Then when I try, yeah I must say it was not easy at all, the newspaper flies everywhere blown with the wind and yes the field was so huge and there were like thousands newspaper over there. If only each person being responsible with their own newspaper. I believe that it is not difficult to pick our own newspapers and put it inside the trash bin. Because actually there is a huge trash bin at the exit way of that huge field.

One of my friend at instagram @ridwandidot also post similar picture about spreading newspaper by Indonesian after Eid praying. I could not agree more when he said some people just worship their God without really understand the value of it. Yes, I know, there will be other person who will clean the rubbish but why wait when we can do it ourselves. Like the old man hired today, but who knows maybe he also have family waiting for him at home to celebrate Eid Day with him, if only people pick their newspaper and put it at the huge trash bin then this old could do his job faster because he just need to burn the newspaper and then he can joint his family as soon as possible. But most of people likes to think, "ha, come on, that is why we pay the old man, to clean the shit" or "It's okay, that newspaper is for scavengers". Still, it will be easier for them if we already collect it in one place.

Pict posted by my friend, glimpse of another field after Eid praying in Indonesia. 
Can you imagine if you were the old man who clean those rubbish by yourself. 

Furthermore, this habit also happen when those irresponsible people visiting their families/neighbour/colleague house. Yes they are littering everywhere. Now what, they think it is the house owner who responsible for each rubbish they throw because it is not their home sweet home? Oh, I also hate people who let their children littering at others house or at the public spaces. It is definitely their parents who is never give a good example or teach those little kids. Ugh, shame on you!

So, please behave people. Please be a good Muslim agent. Feel your religion by the heart, do not doing religious stuffs just to finish your responsibility to God, you also have responsibility and need to be kind with human as the result of worshipping God. If you think the meaning of praying is just to worship Allah, then you need to learn again about the meaning of worshiping God.

Once again, Happy Eid Mubarak, do not litter, please!

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)
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  1. I very much agree with you. But you made a point which goes way beyond this specific occasion only. All over the world people should learn it's not just at home, but also in public places you have to clean up your own dirt and garbage!

  2. @colson: next time I wish I could post another article related to littering colson :)

  3. Aduh.. aduh, korannya gak diambil lagi, ya :( Oya, selamat Lebaran. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin, ya :)

  4. mohon maaf lahir batin kak yulia :)


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