اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ

Still in the mood of feeling a bit under the weather. Muslim believes while we got sick it is Allah way to forgive our sins. Well, although I feel a bit happy about that but I think getting sick is having much more meaning than forgiven sins. Health is a special body condition that we should thank God by maintaining and taking care of it. Sometimes human use a good health condition as an excuse for doing and having their guilty pleasures as much as possible. Eating everything without considering the effect of the food to the body, too lazy to exercise, working too hard, etc. So, in most cases when you are getting sick it means you could not take care of your body. I bet you guys are familiar with this statements:
"We are still young, eat everything!" 
"I'll go to the gym tomorrow, so now I can eat everything served here"
"I'm busy, I'm taking double shift job this weekend"

Most of the reason of why I am getting sick is because I forgot to drink after eating oily fries. I am not really into drinking water 8 glass a day. I used to drink only a glass or 3 glasses maximum a day in my life so far. Bad I habit I know, been trying to add more glasses a day now, don't worry. Just like this time, I forgot to drink after eating lots of caramelized banana fries then I got sore throat and all their friends, lost my voice then got influenza :'). Another reason of why I am getting sick is because I'm having a bad feeling or burdened by feeling about something  like when daddy getting angry to me (my dad is a very patient man, so when he once getting a bit angry I will get a fever because I feel so bad that I hurt his feeling. I love you Daddy. Hehe). So, most of the reason of why we are getting sick is because our bad habit in eating and feeling. You know, GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out)!

Unbranded instant turban, Fendi Shawl, Uniqlo grey sweater

We should thank God for getting sick as well, so that we know that we are careless to our body and we know that He provide us some time to think about everything (about our bad lifestyle, about the world, the forgotten dreams, even about our sins so that we can change to be a better person after). He provide time for us to take a rest and get closer with people that we love also to get closer to Allah (Maybe we are too busy with ourself then we forgot Him and He just miss us?) and as the bonus He forgive our sins. Amin. Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah :)

When talking about the good in getting sick I remember that I ever read the book of Ajahn Brahm, he is a Buddhist monk, the tittle of the book is The Worm and His Lovely Pile of Dung. In a chapter he wrote that we should welcoming the sickness that coming to us by open the door of our heart, any resistance to that just making the illness staying over and over because actually it is natural of being sick. Sick also reminds us that we need others in our life, stop being selfish because we cannot save the world ourselves. Well, I could not more agree. 

So, enjoy your sick time, it is the little thing you need, God gifts to you :)

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)
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  1. Well said kak :)
    Syafakillah. Get well soon kak ♥

    xx, Cup of Scarf

  2. get well soon kak ^^

  3. hello yulia, long time no see. get well soon. I miss your post!

  4. ..."Eating everything without considering the effect of the food to the body, too lazy to exercise, working too hard etc...." Ah,these human imperfections, these human imperfections.. Actually I have to confess I love mankind for their, interesting, sometimes peculiar, often crazy, always counter productive imperfections :). Life would be so boring without them :).


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