In charge
My life
My heart pulsing with adrenaline
The unknown amazes me
Loving something existing
Fearing, but wanting..
Living on Impulse
 - Ariel Impulse Eau de Parfum Homme

Ariel Impulse is the latest exclusive perfume collaboration between Ariel "Noah" and Sophie Paris. As a famous icon from Indonesia, Ariel really got the character of a star and it is reflected through Ariel Impulse Eau de Parfum Homme. As a musician (vocal and song writer), he is energetic, creative, and impulsive which are represented by the refreshing scent of bergamot. While cardamom symbolised the complexity of his ideas, personality, talent, and friendship which often being the sources of his inspirations. His calm, masculine, thinker, and wise character represented through the scent of Musk and Amber, gentle yet having a strong character. In the end, Ariel Impulse is a perfect blend of bergamot, ginger, cardamom, wie, musk, cedar, and amber giving the taste of energy, success, elegance, and comforting warmth and joy.

Ariel Impulse involved Ariel directly on the whole process from choosing the scent to packaging design. I must say Ariel Impulse answer the needs of Indonesian men who need perfume with the scent of warm yet masculine. You know, most of men today really care about their appearance without loosing their masculinity. Therefore Sophie Paris is on the right way for collaborating with Ariel who has all the elements of modern man that inspires and having his own place at the very heart of Indonesian people, both men and women. I could not agree more when Ariel stated that a man could dress as casual as he want but smells good is a must. Perfume is like extension of someone character. Coco Chanel once said someone's perfume describes more than their handwriting. 

After tried Ariel Impulse myself, I will say I'm in love. First the package, oh so masculine with black color and perfume name in simple letter embossed on it not to mention the magnetic perfume cap. Actually I felt doubt to try the scent by myself  because usually men's perfume is way too disturbing to smell but Ariel Impulse is an exception, even as a woman I love it. (Oh my, did I just said I am a woman *a code). Yes the scent is gentle and masculine at the same time, such an adorable character of a man. Ariel Impulse must be a perfect gift for a modern man or a man with a strong character. And for women, congratulation now there is no more confusing days of choosing perfect gift for your lovely. Anyway, for woman who loves masculine fragrant Ariel Impulse can be your choice as well.

Enjoy the fragrance of Ariel Impulse Eau de Parfum Homme and feels the character of the star in yourself. Find yourself and be yourself with Ariel Impulse. This perfume exclusively sells at Sophie Paris and you can buy it here. You can also share your moment with Ariel Impulse and get free sample of Ariel Impulse Eau de Parfum Homme by clicking


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9 comment

  1. You write a very convincing plea for this perfume...

    It's not realistic I'm afraid to try to be a Don Juan myself with the help of a perfume, at my age... No, it's too late to make up for my mistake to think all my life that a real man's perfume was the manly odour of sweat :).

    By the way... is this Ariel the same man who a few yours ago was involved in some major scandal????

  2. Ahaaaayyyyy. Inget duonggggggggg. Apakabar?

    Yuk kapan2 kitah photo lagehhhh.

  3. Baru tau ada parfum beginian, hehe.
    Btw, 'modelnya' cantik :))

  4. @colson: yes, he is even growing bigger after the storm. I salute him

    @fei: let's do it :)

  5. wewwwww ..... dh tersedia dimana aja tuh parfum ? :D

  6. Such a cool product

    and cool review

    and adorable you!

    Just followed you on the blog and instagram, kakak. Keep inspiring :)

    Tone foto ini gimana cara bikinnya kak?
    Keren bangett :'(

  7. artikel nya keren gan, sayang nya ane nggak bisa bahasa inggris, jadi nggak ngerti maksudnya hahaha

    salam kenal ya gan & salam hangat dari palembang

  8. Hi Yulia,

    This is great! Love your post, your blog as a whole! Keep them coming.

    So you put them on you and not your man? You think the scent is suitable for us women?


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