اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ

Hi, how's 2015 going so far? Hope you are doing good.

I've been searching for the right style for me from a long long time ago. Been change my personal style several times since junior high school. From Avril Lavigne look a like, I mean boyish style, vintage style, until trying to put more colours onto my daily outfits. Unfortunately, there is always something that makes me trying to digging more and more kind of style that really suits my soul.

Until I found this normcore trend.

I draw an illustration of myself showing my normcore manner

Normcore is an attitude to fit in rather than to stand out. Being special normal or being perfectly boring. Dangerously regular. Wearing timeless wardrobe pieces, white tees, basic jumper, white shirt, sneakers, you name it and combined it with something unique and personal.  

Yes, it is on trend right now, but I don't adopt the style because it is on trend right now. I love it because I know that this kind of attitude is what am I searching for years. Wearing timeless pieces of clothes and accessories and personalized it with the touch of something that really "me". I call my normcore attitude with "ugly pretty effortless style". 

My ugly pretty effortless style

Now I realized that looking effortless is the key that I'm searching for years. Lately I feel way tooooo comfortable wearing t-shirt and jeans, and then throw a long granny vintage dress and wore it as a long coat on me, then complete them with sneakers. Oh, love love love the feeling of it. This kind of style save minutes every morning since I already now what I wanna wear and I will wear what I wanna wear. This normcore manner also help me not to buy cute useless clothes with reason "who knows I need it someday" at the shop. From now on I already decided that I just investing on timeless and or unique items that suits my personality.

Go normcore!

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Follow your heart,

Yulia Rahmawati

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5 comment

  1. This is why men never will really understand but always will be totally charmed by women:"This normcore manner also help me not to buy cute useless clothes with reason "who knows I need it someday" at the shop". Yeah, right. Let I slowly and softly say it now.. buy cute useless clothes because who knows I need it someday... Hahahaha :))

  2. @Colson: Haha, the art of being a woman :)

  3. Gaya nomcore memang titik pointny di kenyamanan ya ....keren .

  4. The shoes aren't for me, but great style! I think effortless is so in right now.

  5. Hi Yulia, salam kenal juga....
    read a glimpse, seems ur blog mostly in english or even all of :)
    enw I like ur sketch, such a cute normcore & I like Avril style as well, she's pretty lady yet boyish.

    according to ur last PS just follow your heart, indeed....

    Have a normcore Monday Yulia ^^


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