Daily Hijab Style - OHIO IS FOR LOVERS


BEAUTIFUL OHIO - Ballard MacDonald
Long, long ago. Someone I know
Had a little red canoe, In it room for only two,
Love found its start, then in my heart,
And like a flower grew.

Drifting with the current down a moonlit stream,
While above the heavens in their glory gleam,
And the stars on high, twinkle in the sky,
Seeming in a paradise of love divine,
Dreaming of a pair of eyes that looked in mine,
Beautiful Ohio, in dreams again I see
Visions of what used to be 

Currently listening to "Beautiful Ohio" song like thousand times and never getting bored. Singing the song while thinking about my dream of studying early childhood education at Ohio. I hope I can realize my dream of Ohio through years 2013 -2014. I really wanna know how people out there educate the children, so I can take the best of them to apply here, in my lovely country, Indonesia. Yeah, I do believe in education for a better Indonesia. And that education should start since early ages, at children golden ages. Wish me luck, People. 

Ohio is for lovers! Ohio is where the love defines. Including loves to the children and nation.

Ohio is for lovers!!!

What @Ladyulia wore on her daily hijab style -
Ohio is for Lovers:
// Balenciaga scarf used as turban // Unbranded Under hijab // 
Joao Sartoria Red Blazer // Juicy Couture Jeans // 
Office London Oxford ankle boots // Random accessories //

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)

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Daily Hijab Style - OHIO IS FOR LOVERS

Following my heart,

Yulia Rahmawati

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