Black Secret Diary


I found a video performance of an indie band named Black Secret Diary. Why did I feel so interesting with this video? Because, one of the player at this band is one of my favorite photographer, Bang Ridwan, he is the drummer of this band. Someday, in our trip to hunt photos, I asked him what kind of genre that plays by his band. Than he said that his band is sounds like Peewee Gaskins.
I said: “wow” in my heart
I love Peewee Gaskins; hope I love the song of his band as well
Then, when I’m searching for Peewee Gaskins video at YouTube, SURPRISED,,, I also found a video from Black Secret Diary. (But I'm forget to copy yhe link to that video, sorry). After I watch the video,
I said: “WOW!!”
In reality, they are very different with Peewee Gaskins. They all have a good skill, but repeated lyric made me a little bit disturbed. Too much yelling or noise or something like that, also makes a little disturbance.
GO AHEAD Bang,,,
Here is the video,,,

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