It wasn't like parade at one of My Chemical Romance (MCR) song. It was more fun than that. Just enjoy the photos of the Black (and White) Parade - Part 1, taken directly by me, Yulia Rahmawati, from Payakumbuh, West Sumatera, Indonesia. It's more about the face expression from the parade audiences. My favorite faces expression captured at the first photo. Hope you like it as well, peeps :)


And by the way, the book bomb or in Indonesia called bom buku arrived at Padang. Alhamdulillah, it was just an ordinary gifts from not soo important people who just wanna have fun. It was super uncool attitude. Sigh...

Beside that I wanna share you about hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor. At the first, I don't know who is Elizabeth Taylor, everyone said RIP to her and #RIPElizabethTaylor become trending topic on twitter, 'till I read Kompas Newspaper yesterday, and found that her famous name was Liz Taylor. I know her as Liz Taylor, not Elizabeth Taylor. Honestly, I thought she is someone who introduce tailor to the world and has so many contribution on fashion world because most of my fashion blogger friends on twitter telling about her name. Well yeah,, RIP Elizabeth Taylor a.k.a Liz Taylor.

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6 comment

  1. "Wow" again! Great, characteristic faces. Fascinating photos.

    And Liz Taylor. To be honest not my favourite actress. But that one part, "Martha", in "Who's afraid in Virginia Woolf"! From the sixties, but a must-see classic! Extraordinary!!

  2. @Colson: hey colson, glad that I have a blogger friend like you. who still wanna kindly visit my blog even I don't visit ur back coz of my business. and thank you for livin such sweet comments :)

  3. keren foto2nya. aku suka foto hitam putih

  4. @mbak lidya: makasih mbak.. saya juga suka photo2 BW :)


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