Dear dear dear dear,,,
Actually I'm not in a fit condition recently. Got fever, cold, and asthma for almost 6 days :'(
They come one by one. One gone, others come. The last is asthma attacks. Yes, I have asthma history when I was a little girl. But it has been gone when I enter primary school. It was a very harsh time for a little girl I think. Because almost everyday in the earlier morning, this asthma comes and attacks me. Hard to explain Peeps, I was just a little girl that time. I just remember that it was really hard to breath and everytimes I'm trying to breath I heard scarying sounds from my breath. And then my Mom and Dad will wake up in hurry and help me to face it. And after so many medicines, after so many traditional medicine recipes, after so many hospital, after so many doctors its gone. I'm thanking to God that I wasn't a naughty girl, I still remember how's my mom thanking me that I'm a good girl because I never reject every medicines that I should swallow. Yeah, you know kids usually hates medicine. Maybe because of that, and because of my family supports, God took my asthma when I got my primary school. It was such a nightmare for a little girl. And 2 days ago, it backs :(
I hope at the end of this post I can yell you "APRIL MOP!". But, no! It was real, and its not an April Fool's Day. Furthermore, this asthma come back 2 days ago. I felt a little bit hard to breath. But not really as bad as when I was a little girl. But still, this attacks scarying me. I don't wanna go to hospital by myself. So I just eat medicine for asthma that can buy legally at the drug store without doctor's prescription and drinks water. Alhamdulillah this morning I got much better. But still I don't wanna ignorant people and yelling April Fool's Day after that. I just affraid that the story I arrange becomes reality. I heard so many stories about April Fool's Day disaster from people who followed by guilty feeling because of their joke at April Fool's Day becomes reality.

And here is my todays outfit, I need to meet my lecturer, hey I'm on thesis, Man! It's been chapter 2 already. Alhamdulillah :)
Wish me luck today, and please pray for my healthiness people. Thank you :D
And please be carefull with your joke if you are still wanna have fun with April Fool's Day.

Hijab: Al Paris
Under hijab: unbranded
Long sleeves tee: Rosa Cheri
Cardigan: unbranded
Jeans: Logo
Shoes: Celline
Watch and necklace: Unbranded
Bag: Guess by Marciano

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12 comment

  1. asma itu turunan kan yah?
    jaga kesehatan ya yul :)

    btw love ur cardigan <3

  2. @devi: gak juga dev. di keluarga yulia gak ada yg asma. iya nih, kayaknya aku kecapekan. thx ya dev :)

  3. You really know to hide your ailments. I mean your lecturer has no choice: he will be charmed by your outfit and impressed by your charismatic appearance of self confidence ( well, that's what I see in the pictures :)).

    But first and foremost I wish you will not experience any more physical inconveniences!

  4. @colson: thanks Colson. your comments mak me smile :)

  5. Alhammdulillah saya ngga punya asma, cuma punya maag parah (sama aja hahahha) sakit nya sampai ke bagian belakang bdan dan bikin sesak .

  6. @eria: hi juga :))))
    @putri: jangan telat mam ya...

  7. syafakillah,moga asmanya cepet sembuh :)

  8. aloooo,,, where are you...
    you hav'nt came to my blog yet.
    sakit non?cpt sembuh ya


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