Hi all!
Did I tell you that I moved to Jakarta?
Yes, after finished my college at Andalas University, I decided to continue my study to master degree level. But people says my current major is totally different with my major before. Before I was majoring Human Resource Management, now I change my life direction and majoring Early Childhood Education at the Jakarta State University. And if I am lucky I will continue my double master degree at Ohio State University next year.

Everyone who know last major will asked me surprisingly abot my reason taking Early Childhood Education for my master degree. I myself doesn't have specific reason about why I change my life direction. People may seems Human Resource Management is totally different with Early Childhood Education. But I think it is NOT! Let's think, Human Resource Management is about managing (planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling) "big" people. Human Resource Management is all about managing "mature" people. Now, I ask you, where does this "big" people, these "big kid" comes from? Of course from little boys and girls, right? And I believe, in order to get the right person on a right place as what Human Resource Management says, we need to teach every children in a right way. Trust me, if children got the best education in their early ages (0-8 years) they will definetely growing up as "the right man" for every places they go.

Too bad, in Indonesia Early Childhood Education known and spread starts from year 2000. That is why we got so many bad educated man in our governmental. They all learn alot, having high education, but they have no strong kindness roots in them. And too sad, this major still considered as "unpopular" major to learn about in Indonesia. Only certain people who have realized the importance of Early Childhood Education. Meanwhile, Japan, USA, Australia, and so many others developed country has realized the importance of education for early children so long ago. I hope God bless my choice, and show me the best way to catch my dream to educate children and their parents in the right way. Amin.

Here is my random daily hijab style. Do you think I have a face of Early Childhood educator? Heheh. FYI, since I came to Jakarta I got freedom to dressed up as much as I want. Because people here does not really concern about others if its none of their business. Meanwhile at Padang, West Sumatera, where I lived before, people there really concern about other people. People there especially around my house, I think they are a little bit petty minded. They loves gossipping about neighboors and something like that. That is why I can't express my self as free as I am here in Jakarta. I am just tried to keep simple when dressing in order to avoid any bullshit about my daily hijab style. Remember, we can be as stylish as we want but I believe that being fashionable does not mean we can be an egoist person.

Yulia Rahmawati daily hijab style is wearing: Parisian peach 
hijab // Unbranded black ninja under hijab // NG Fashion shirt // Varick Josh black jodhpur pants // Custom black Oxford Shoes // Chloe black tote bag // Naughty Audrey Hepburn Necklace // Guess Watch
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Grow with me, Kids!
Yulia Rahmawati

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21 comment

  1. Kk selamat yah semoga S2nya sukses,,
    Wah kebetulan aku lagi nyari style buat pke oxfords shoes hihii,tapi buat yg berjilbb, ahh mksh yh kk syg :*

  2. Yulia, rumahku di bekasi,yulia dimana? kalau ada waktu boleh kok ketemuan di jakarta :)

  3. @Ian: thank you dear :) hehe. Alhamdulillah kamu jadi dapet referensi. ntar di share yaa :)

  4. hihihi,, ane pake google translate nih :D

    wahhh, manteb nih karya tulisnya :)

  5. do your best for the kids

  6. Hello! Replying your comment on my blog: salam kenal balik ^^ Ga ko, aku gaada sodara di Padang hehe :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. good luck for your study, i think its awesome for choosing childhood major dear ;)
    ey, nice outfit by the way, sooooo stunning :)

  8. @Karina: hehe.
    @rini: aaa,,, thank you dear :) makin semangat saya :*

  9. Your explanation about the origins of low-quality politicians made my day :). First of all it's hilarious and next you might be damned right too :).

    Anyhow, your clothes always are pretty and a treat to the ( my) eyes. Though I should add that like Paris fashion is dependent on the models on the catwalk, the fashion you show is dependent on you!

  10. semoga tercapai ya kak impiannya
    biar nantinya anak2 kecil itu bisa jadi pemimpin yg super buat Indonesia :)

    anyway, suka sekali dg sepatu yg dipake kakak :3

  11. love the whole outfit and your how you style your hijab:)

  12. babe, lots of my friend taking that course too. :) but i dont think its suits me since i dont really like kids -,-''

    im sure you can be great teacher one day soon- insya Allah

    btw, Im having same problem with you. im living in area , which they love to talk about others -.-' sometime if i got back late ( because im doing assignment) they said i went to night club. i have to go out every day because i have lots of assignment went to class but they said i hanging out with my friend. they have typical thinking -,-''

    ohh sorry because my english not really good. ohh can I suggest to you something. why dont you use pop up window for comment. its easier i think for people who has slow internet connection like me -,-''

  13. ini yang saya bilang keren.. jilbab bisa dibuat fashionable.. cantik kak :)


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hi Yulia,
    Very nice blog and article. My suggestion is follow your heart, follow what you wanna do. I think if we do something without passion, It will be nothing. I also graduated from Industrial Engineering, now I am working in Human Resource Dept, although IE and HR still connected. I really enjoy work in HR.
    About your hijab style, I like it so much. You look beautiful.



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