Daily Hijab Style: NO PLACE is More CONVENIENT than HOME


Currently I'm in love with vintage mood of photo tone for my photos. It makes me feels more feminine. A warm vintage colours touch my visual in a very smooth and soft ways. Maybe I'm going to get more and more morning sunshine to help me get this tone in my photos. And I think I'm gonna have this photo tone in my photos often because it gives me the warm feeling when seeing the tone.

And yes, I move to new house. Here in Indonesia we call it "kos" or "kost". Kos/kost is a place where people hire a room in a house consist of many rooms, usually for a long time, it could be more than one month, or even years. I move to this house in order to save my energy after class at night. So when my class end at 08.30 pm I just walk home around 10 minutes and knocking at the door to see my lovely room. before I live with my like second family, even it is located at the same area called "East Jakarta" but I needs ages to go to campuss and  back home, because of the complicated transportation system at Jakarta. That's why I finally decided to move to other house near to campuss so I can save time and energy to do something else such doing college assignment or what. Eventhough yes you know, there's no place more convenient than home.

//Lacey  Hijab: SAY Hijab // Under Hijab: Unbranded// Long Sleves Vintage Roses Tee: Rosa Cheri//
//Jasmine Skirt: Gift from Mom// Shoes: iora// Accessories: Choosed randomly//

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Yulia Rahmawati

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22 comment

  1. So you do what you promised to do: moving. Although in a very literary sense this time.

    Hope you will love your new place.

    PS: I agree with your 'sistha'. :)

    PPS: Though the 'vintage' style is great, I still remember the beautiful photos you made roaming the country with a bunch of friends near to and far from Padang.

  2. @Annisa: Alhamdulillah. thanks sist :*

    @Colson: heheh, ya, actually my blog post before means I'm going to move to other house.heheh. Yes, Colson, I hope I can post my photography like before.

  3. kalo boleh tau yang ambil fotonya siapa ? cakep2 deh

  4. Hello dear :) I just found your blog & I think you have a great blog!
    I already follow you,mind to follow me back..?

    Btw,I love ur hijab style :) look so chic!

    itsmerhianiiy.blogspot.com ^^ xx

  5. Lovely Skirt and hijab style, dear ;)
    Mind to follow each other?
    I'm following you now, maybe we can share about hijab style :D

    Love, Ina xoxo

  6. aku suka judul postingan ini, no place is more convenient than home :3

  7. hehe, iya sih kalau daerah macet gitu enakan kos :p rumahku juga daerah macet (banget), tapi tahan2in aja dulu selama masih bisa cari kerja di tempat yg dekat dan bisa pergi lebih awal :)
    suka tone fotonya, warm :) kalau aku malah gak peduli warnanya kaya apa, yg penting ada gambarnya jelas. maklum, ga bisa edit2, hehehe...
    oya, semoga betah ya di tempat barunya :)

  8. Thanks for comment on my blog recently :)
    Yes Red and Lavender are good matching, right?
    I bought those Jersey from my friend anyway hehehe
    If you love the wedges, just simply click iwearup.com for seeing their lovely collection #recommended.

    Love, Ina xoxo

  9. lovely look!
    and yeah, gotta agree there's no place like home. but then again, if the location of your new house is near your school and it's so convenient. so you don't have to waste time on the journey, you know? ;)

  10. yang paling atas pose apa tuh.. hehe.. :)

  11. Have a nice time in your new room ;)
    oh looove your skirt ;)


  12. i love your hijab style,always looking chic kak <3

  13. hijab, menjauhkan wanita dari laki2 biawak..hahahahaha

  14. great combinations and new proposals

  15. Lovely pictures :) I really like the skirt! :)

  16. love your top :D


  17. Salam walaikum wrwb,

    Love the blog, love the skirt. Do you know where she got the skirt?

    Salam walaikum wrwb


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