Playing Moog Synthesizer on Google's Logo Today!


I love the design of Google's logo for today (Wednesday, 23 May 2012). Inspired of Moog Synthesizer created by Robert Arthur Moog or Bob Moog. Today is his 78th birthday. Yeay... happy birthday, Sir :)
Pict from here
The special things of Googl'e logo today is we can play with the logo. Its for real, ladies and gentleman, we do really can play that moog synthesizer. You can click almost every single button on the logo to arrange your music. How cool huh, and the more excited thing is we can record our performance during playing the synthesizer. I love it, eventhough I cannot playing synthesizer hehe, but playing the logo of Goggle today is so much fun. I play it randomly, just following where my hand takes, and then record it, and replay. Fun fun fun.

Can't wait for the next awesome logo design from Google!

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3 comment

  1. It crossed my mind the synthesizer can be one of our sources of haute couture creativity.

    Isn't that modern instrument a kind of bastard offspring of a classic harpsichord?
    And ever thought of the inspiring and amazing garments and dresses the ladies who used to play that instrument wore in those Renaissance 16th and 17th century?

  2. huwaaaah.. untung aku buka ini pas tanggal 23, bisa langsung nyoba nih. kebetulan hari ini belum buka google hihihi...

  3. @Colson: hehehe
    @Mila: glad you got a chance


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