PictFest at FX Lifestyle Center


Attending an awesome event held in FX Lifestyle Center, Jakarta named PictFest. Where you can find every floor filled with any kind of photography. So many photography communities such as NatGeo Indonesia, Pinhole, Kamera Pinjaman, Student Photography Organization from Unpad, UI, and so many others was gathered at FX Lifestyle Center from 9 until 10 December, 2011. Too bad I only could come at the last day. Well, eventhough this event held last year. But yes, I don't wanna let them just end up in my computer folder, let me share them here. Better late than never (lame quotes, huh?) 

I myself served my curiosity of pinhole camera at the stand of pinhole community. Too bad because I still does not know how long the time ekspossure for each photo with the kind of any available lights, the result of the photos is not good enough. But its okay. I was having fun. I love this event!

Here is some of photography I took at that moment. For my old blogger friends, they know that currently I rarely post my photography. And yes, today I am back :) Here they are, hope you like it.

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  1. Awesome. The kind of events that makes life more beautiful. One of the advantages of a metropolis - creativity is blossoming everywhere :).

    And who is the gorgeous lady with "picture me" on her sleeve?:)

  2. Great post and great event :D



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