Oh my, so sad,,, so sad,, it's a so sad situation :(.
My dearest readers, please forgive me for bringing this gloomy atmosphere to this post. My friends and I, we are in the mourning time. Again, we have to lose our dearest friend, he is Brian Angga Pratama. I knew him when I was in my junior high school. And I know him better for my last two years at senior high school as my classmate. He is kind at heart, funny, and humorous but yes a little bit naughty, you know, boy. This morning my friends post that he's gone at Facebook. 

Ah,,, I just can't believe it. I still remember when he took my huge marijuana leaves brooch and pretend that he doesn't know anything when we are at the third grade of senior high school. I wonder whether my brooch still with him or not. After high school, we are not really in a contact. Maybe just two or times when I was working on my final paper to take my bachelor degree, it was about one year ago when I'm on facebook in the middle of the night he will say "Hi Mbak Yul" and asking what am I doing this late. But we are not having a chat for so long, because I gotta focus  to my final paper. 

The saddest part of his dissappearance is people found his dead body floating inside an old well :( The police estimated he's dead body has been there for over 4 days. And there was a "parang" (huge knife/chopper) tied with him. If you are Indonesian, you can read the complete news here (just click).

Dear God, one by one you took my friends away. It's reminds me of what I've been doing in my life, am I close enough to You, God? All I can pray is You call me in my faith to you, not when I'm doing something else. O' Allah,,, I'm asking Your forgiveness for all the mistake I've made. I'm affraid I'm too far from You, Allah. Dear Allah... please call me back to You in khusnul khatimah way. Amin.

Dear Allah... today I promise to myself that I wanna loves You more and more than before. Please show me the way, Allah. My hand is shaking during typing this post, I am affraid ya Allah. This news and Sukhoi reminds  me of how short this life is but people really loves wasting their time for non-sense things in their life. Meanwhile God, I have so many dreams in this life you gives to me, makes my parents and my family proud of me, educate children especially in development countires, growing a small happy family, travel the less taken road, meet faces unknown. I hope you always blessed me and all people believes in You, Allah. I hope in every breath you gives me I can keep You close to my heart and feel that You always close to me, Allah. Amin... 

Goodbye forever, Brian, your name, the memory about you insyaAllah will not be forgotten. Have a nice long sleep wherever your soul is. We love you.

Your Friend

Yulia Rahmawati

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  1. im so sad while read this post :(
    semoga ditempatkan disisi Allah yang paling indah.

  2. innalilahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun
    semoga diterima disisi-Nya :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Innalillahi, turut berduka cita ya Yul

  5. Another momento mori. A very tragic one too.

    Chilling circumstances. Nasty death. And so young. Too young. Seems to be extremely unfair and absurd.

    I hope his loved ones and friends find some consolation in mutual empathy these days of mourning.

  6. lovely outfit! love how you mix and match everything :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  7. Semoga amal temannya diterima kak :( aminnn


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