“We are all strangers in a strange land, 
longing for home, 
but not quite knowing what or where home is. 
We glimpse it sometimes in our dreams, 
or as we turn a corner, 
and suddenly there is a strange, 
sweet familiarity that vanishes almost as soon as it comes.” 

On @Ladyulia: // Baby pink Pashmina: SAY Hijab // Under hijab: Lestari // Navy long sleeves T-Shirt: Pink Adobe // Jasmine Skirt: Gift from Mom // Accessories: Yulia Properties // Pink Wedges: Crocs //

Sometimes, I feel like a strange girl in a strange land. Why? Because even I go to a certain almost everyday, but I still feels like a girl in a strange land. It is always something new, people, things, stuffs, and many others that makes me feels like a girl in a strange land. So that I named my hijab style blog post as girl in a strange land. This hijab style much inspired by an empty place near my house at my hometown. It is harsh, bold, tough, dry, and fragile. So that I don't wear many colours for my hijab style since I wanna make it simple. As simple as the strange land near my house. And I also do not wear much photos for this hijab style post. I've told you I wanna make this hijab style post as simple as possible. Hope you like it :)

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)
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