Having so much fun in my class little party last month. The party was held at Pascasarjana Building, Jakarta State University (Universitas Negeri Jakarta). FYI, we are the students of PAUD (Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini) UNJ, we take our master degree of early childhood education there. Actually there are twelve perso nat my class and we are all girls (or woman since almost my classmates has been getting married and having children), but two of them cannot continuing their studying for some reason and one of them taking a maternity leave. And because of traffic jam reason, one of my friend also cannot attend the party that night. 

We got an idea to bring foods to the class, and eat it together. Different people different food. I brought cheese chocolate pudding which I made it myself, and my others friends  bring "gepuk", baked chicken, fruits, vegetables, bacem, rice, and others. But unfortunately, my friends who got obligation to bring rice didn't come because she has to struggle in a Jakarta traffic jam when going to campus. Heheh. So that night we missed one person in the photos. And to solve that problem we bought the rice from the canteen. You know, the party must go on eventough we feel uncomplete that night. That's life, it goes on and on time, cannot wait even for one second.

So, do you guys want to know who are my classmates? Heheh. Here they are and what we ate that night:

 Chibi-chibi pose, oh my God Cherry Belle (Indonesian Girlband) pose is so famous. 
Even my 57 years old classmate know about that pose :)
 The "it" pudding made by Chef Yulia Rahmawati
 "Gepuk" Ny. Ong brought by Bunda Lisa
 Fruits from Bunda Titi
Baked chicken from Bunda Wildan
 (Left to the right) Risa, Bunda Nita, Bunda Huriah, Bunda Titi. And look the pudding almost done before we start to eat the main food, meanwhile we should eat the pudding as dessert. Heheh.
 (Behind left to the right) - Risa, Bunda Lisa, Bunda Agustin, Bunda Huriah
(Front left to the right) - Me, Bunda Nita, Bunda Titi, Bunda Wildan
Risa and Me. Actually I call her "kakak" (way we call the older sister in Indonesia) but she asked me just calling her name. And yes, there is only two person I call by their name, the rest I called them "bunda" (one of the Indonesian way to call their mother" because all of them are such my Mom here.

On @Ladyulia: // Brown plain hijab SAY Hijab // Under hijab: Unbranded // Shocking pink batwing top: gift from Mom // Black Manset (used inside the top): Gift from Mom // Wide leg pants used as harem pants: B.Z.O.P // Wedges: De Lova//

That day I wear an effortless hijab style. Well, I like to wear a simple and effortless clothes as my hijab style. How do you like my hijab style ? I do hope you like my hijab style, People. Yes, just a big chiffon top, and flowery pants, and simple wedges. Just so you know, my favourite hijab style is a simple yet stunning fashion items. I don't wanna look "too much" on my hijab style. So I always try to simplify it :)

Say nothing but SAY Hijab :)
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