Daily Hijab Style: NEED A HOLIDAY


I know what I need now, I NEED A HOLIDAY!. 
Oh I hope all the college assignment passed away soon.
By the way what do you really want to right now, dear blogger fellas?
Is it the same with mine?

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At this hijab style post I would like to tell you that I really really need a holiday from my daily routine. It could be near Jakarta or outside Jakarta. It doesn't matter. All I want is just a short holiday with my hijab style. Heheh. And yes, I will try to take more hijab style photoshoot during my short holiday. But still, I don't know when I can escaped from my daily routine to take a break and having a holiday and take some shoots for my hijab style blog post. Wish me and my hijab style blog post a good luck, People :)

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daily hijab style - I need a holiday

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4 comment

  1. Eh, let me think a moment.....

    Well, it's 13.00 over here. So,here we go.

    Want to have a great lunch, play a game via social chess, have my granddaughter visiting me and cuddle her, have a modest dinner in town afterwards and see Jagten ( the Hunt)with my wife in cinema.

  2. Ingin bisa duduk diam ,melakukan projeck pribadi sampai akhir ,,,,,,he,,,he,,.liburanlah bila memang perlu menimatu hidup itu penting iya kan!

  3. kalau aku pingin refreshing jalan2 nih :)

  4. @all: let's pray all ofus get what we want :)


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