My right leg got hurt three days ago. I don't know why, when I wake up in the morning and walking, and then I feel strange witha  little bit hurt at my right leg. So, every step I made with my right leg, I feel something strain near my behind ankle. The only possibility that I got is maybe it is caused by my long distance walking three days ago. And I'm the type of person who can't walk slowly, I walk fastly, most of my friends always ask me to slow dow when walking with them. But I don't remember if I did something like twisting, slip, or what. Mom said maybe I ever had something like twist or slip, but there is not really made bad impact, but what I got today is accumulation of all small twist or slip that I ever had. I think I'm going to find an appropriate yet fashionable shoes for a long distance walk. Any suggestion, Guys? 

The owner, of my boarding house brought me to a traditional massage place yesterday. She said this place is really famous here in Jakarta. The name of the place is Haji Naim. The unique things about this place are they are so Betawi (indigenous people of Jakarta), and the house they used is still the original architecture of traditional house of Betawi people. And you still can pay them as you want, there is no rate to pay them, so it's depend on you. And when I arrived there, there are so many people already waiting to get massage.

After getting massage, I got souvenir on my ankle. Hehheh. That thing is a reminder for me not to run, walk slowly, and to keep my ankle does not move too much. I can open it after 3 days. And then I also got a piece of paper about foods not to eat for a while, like chicken, squid, durian, pineapple, instant noodle, etc.

Actually I feel sad getting my leg hurts like this because I have so many things to do outside. Like check an IELTS course, go to my photography school, give clothes to the flood victim, help my friend teaching in the kindergarten (ah... I miss those children), and so many others things to do. But yeah, maybe God wants me to stay at my room more, and the result is not bad. I can finish some books that I always postpone to read, and drawing too, and also doing blog walking. Yeaaaah! It's not that bad for stay at room. It hurts, but I got something ;)

By the way, the farewell party of my photography school is held soon, this Saturday, and I really wanna go to the farewell party, and help my friends to decorate my school today. Wish me luck and a better health, Lads! Thank you.

Here I take some picture of me and the souvenir I got on my ankle after getting the massage.

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24 comment

  1. get well soon kaa..
    glad that it hurts, but you got something ^^
    farewell party of you photography school? is it mean you've graduated?

    reply for my last post : I wish you could join us too ^^ every month,we held an photography event. :D

  2. @ade: such a sweet comment. amin. thanks. I almost graduate :)

  3. omg!! you have the best hijab blog everr!! i will definitely introduce your blog to another hijabers!


  4. Looking cool,babe!Get well soon;)

  5. get well soon buat kakinya, ya. nice photoshoot, btw :))

  6. get well really really soon :)
    is that a pen tablet? where did you buy it? i'm craving it so badly XD

  7. I'm sure you will be fine ( and walking fast again) in a week from now :).

    Btw: that IELTS course.. does it mean you're planning moving abroad??

  8. Awww...I'm sorry to hear about your injury. I hope it heals quickly! :)

  9. Helloo lovely lady, i just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment over on my little blog - you are very kind. Hope you re feeling much much better and have a restful weekend planned xxxxx

  10. get well soon dear :(
    next time you should be carefull with your leg :)

  11. gorgeous photos! i love the dreamy tone of it :) and you look great too! I hope your foot is better by now :)

  12. get well soon kak Yulia, huhu pasti sedih ya gak bisa beraktifitas secara "cepat" untuk hari hari ini :3

  13. ommo get well really soon kak! hope your leg will heal faster so you can keep up with your activities :)

  14. So so cool. This post totally rocks!Get well soon. Sending best wishes.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  15. love your blog...

  16. wew, kakinya diperban, get well soon ya..
    suka foto yg di sisi jendela kamar deh.. :)

  17. get well soon, dear!
    hope you'll be well in no time

  18. I enjoy, cause I discovered exactly what I used to be taking a look for.
    You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a great day. Bye

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