Hello people,
How was your rest of 2013? I feel so happy writing this blog post and greet you all at the beginning of 2014. For most people in the world, new year means new days and it gives new spirit and willingness to change or to do or to finish something. I myself still listing my new year resolutions. What about you?

By the way, I extend my holiday at Yogyakarta until January 8th, 2014. Teehee. I'll make a post about my holiday later. Oh oh so many things to post, even from 2013 events.

So, for all you, my lovely readers, for us, may we all have a happy 2014 and good luck in everything :)

Follow your heart.

Yulia Rahmawati

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4 comment

  1. I wish you had a lot of fun there! Wishing you a blessed new year!<3

    Happy New Year 2014,

  2. Wish you a satisfying and inspiring 2014.

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